Sunday, January 31, 2010

The best Restaurant Moment

I think I have two actually.... knowing me tht i go out so often to eat outside... every moment would be a normal one.... but its probably the people who were thr tht made it spl :)

1: With C and M in Pearl O' Orient where we ate while we got a full view of the beautiful Marine Drive .... it always looks like a Christmas decoration to me.... with all those lights :)

2: With mom and dad at Wild Dining where I bought Dad a drink with my money :P Though obviously knowing the way we eat in our family it wasnt a good return for the money we paid there.... but still...who cares when your daughter is treating you ;)

so...there I go.... I aint saying tht I'll write one everyday.... but i'll try to.... looks like I am more lukkha now than you can imagine :)

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