Sunday, April 04, 2010

City of Seven Islands

You know you are in Mumbai when u remember train routes by the names central line/western line/marine line/harbour line

When everyone boards the bus from the rear and gets off from the front (as opposed to the arrangement in Hyd - where the women get in and out from the front while the men get in and out from the rear)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


You know you are in Mumbai when you are particular about timings like 8:23 and 7:17
when you know that fast local doesnt only mean it travels faster than a slow local :P
when you get dabbas for lunch and
pizzas home delivered at 5:00 in the morning (Malad Smokin Joe's - courtesy Vamsi)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mumbai by Choice

When you hear sumone say "Sheev" and you know they are talking about "Sion"

When you see people parking their Hyundai's and Honda's to travel by the local train :)

When you start travelling with an umbrella as soon as its the month of June :D and when you know that even if its pouring heavily you have to go to office/school/college

The last point is actually a complete contradiction to the way I have been brought up for the 18 yrs before the last 5 years.....
From where I come, if it rains.... you stay indoors till it stops raining. You call up to confirm if the school is basically when it rains... you get a day off and so you rejoice.... but here.... if it rains (which it does after every 5 min in those 3 months) you just promptly open your umbrella and go on with your work.... and the only pain about mumbai rains is the traffic jams...otherwise who wudnt want to experience what actually "raining" means :)

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Best Article of 2009

I really don't remember reading nething in particular tht blew my mind
Actually trying to think reaaaaaaal hard :(

Ah well.... if blog posts count... then I'd call this my fav one :)

Always loved her writing.... so I am sure this counts :) coz its more special to me than ne of the gifts I had received :)

Bombay Blues

You know you are in Mumbai when you say "airport chaloge" and the rick fello asks you "domestic/international"

Adding another point on the same note ...

You don't have to leave 2-3 hrs before your flight time when you are in mumbai coz its not located outside the city.... well... I knw it must feel like outside the city for those stayin in Navi Mumbai... but then... they r soon to get an airport of their own.... its not like you need a shuttle bus to take u frm and out of the airport coz practically no ricks or taxis come till the airport (except the prepaid cabs who charge u like a fortune)

P.S: comparing it to the Hyderabad Airport which is located outside the city

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Aamchi Mumbai

You know you are in Mumbai when you say "bhaiyya andheri chalna hai" to the auto fellow and he asks "east ya west"

P.S: to those who don't know : Every place in Mumbai which has a station has an East side and a West side...thts like practically the whole of Mumbai :P

P.P.S: Running out of titles :P

Sunday, January 31, 2010

The best Restaurant Moment

I think I have two actually.... knowing me tht i go out so often to eat outside... every moment would be a normal one.... but its probably the people who were thr tht made it spl :)

1: With C and M in Pearl O' Orient where we ate while we got a full view of the beautiful Marine Drive .... it always looks like a Christmas decoration to me.... with all those lights :)

2: With mom and dad at Wild Dining where I bought Dad a drink with my money :P Though obviously knowing the way we eat in our family it wasnt a good return for the money we paid there.... but still...who cares when your daughter is treating you ;)

so...there I go.... I aint saying tht I'll write one everyday.... but i'll try to.... looks like I am more lukkha now than you can imagine :)

Mumbai Meri Jaan

You know you are in Mumbai when you say kanda for pyaaz, batata for potato, bajiya for pakode and kakdi for keera

Sunday, January 24, 2010


I totally totally love this place.... for whtever reasons....

And I came across this facebook community which says "you know you are in Mumbai when...."

Planning to write my own set of reasons why I know I m not in Hyderabad but I am in Mumbai.....
One per day.... not more than that....

Here goes the first reason:

When the restaurant fellow gives you a discount for getting food home delivered instead of charging you more

The best of 2009

I thought I'd start writing this in December itself.... but well... back then I didn't have time.... and now I am bored.... and feel like I have neglected this blog a lot after I have started the other blog

So here I am writing one thing each day.... (or every other day :P ) about the best of the things that happened in 2009 :)

Here goes the first one :

The best trip in 2009

I would definetly say the trip to Kerala .... probably also coz thts the only trip I've been to in 2009 ;) But well... it def was a beautiful trip....The scenery...the house boat.... the walk in the clouds.... the tea gardens.... the beautiful landscape everywhr....the kathakali dance show....the kalaripayattu....The homemade chocolate.... the spice gardens....the carrots on the road side.... the elephant ride....everything was fabulous.... and the company I was with was for one thing :)

They don't call its God's own country for no reason :)

If I should say the one thing you shouldnt miss in Kerala is then it would be the house boats on the back waters :)