Saturday, November 28, 2009

Extra Innings

Time for a lil extra smiles :)

I had Jalebi with Rabdi after a long long time .... and I have decided now.... it is my favorite sweet dish apart from Double-ka-meetha and Qurbani-ka-meetha (both being Hyderabadi dishes) I totally love the combination.... the hot juicy jalebi just melts in your mouth..... aaaaah!!!! I want one now :(((((

For the second moment .... N ( not Nithya :D ) called up yesday and asked me if I was free for hanging out.... it was sad tht I had a class and so cudn't go... but it felt nice to her a call from her unexpectedly like tht :)
Love you sweetheart :***

Though now I am waiting for S also to come back so that the 3 of us could go to watch Arya 2 :D:D:D:D reaaaaaaalllly excited about going to tht movie :D:D:D


workhard said...

Yesss.. i love hot jalebis toooo....

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aarathi said...

hey u guys shuld go watch arya 2!! it is goood:)

Pratik Poddar said...

bhookh lag gayi mujhe.. jalebi khani hai.. :( one shud not write such posts :P