Saturday, November 28, 2009

Extra Innings

Time for a lil extra smiles :)

I had Jalebi with Rabdi after a long long time .... and I have decided now.... it is my favorite sweet dish apart from Double-ka-meetha and Qurbani-ka-meetha (both being Hyderabadi dishes) I totally love the combination.... the hot juicy jalebi just melts in your mouth..... aaaaah!!!! I want one now :(((((

For the second moment .... N ( not Nithya :D ) called up yesday and asked me if I was free for hanging out.... it was sad tht I had a class and so cudn't go... but it felt nice to her a call from her unexpectedly like tht :)
Love you sweetheart :***

Though now I am waiting for S also to come back so that the 3 of us could go to watch Arya 2 :D:D:D:D reaaaaaaalllly excited about going to tht movie :D:D:D

Saturday, November 21, 2009


The extra happy moments which I can't post on my other blog due to my resolution of not posting more than one each day

19th November:
Went to R-city to have a look at the cams and went to Big Cinemas (just in case a new movie came up) and was delighted to know that Kurbaan for God knows what reason... released on Thursday itself... Yippeeee !!! Knowing the kind of Movie buff I am you would understand why this made me happy :P

20th November:
Finally kind of sorted out things with A. I still am kinda pissed off at N for telling her about things, but it kind of turned out in a good way :) Those issues probably don't matter nemore but were kind of deep seeded inside for too long to be forgotten that easily. But decided to let go finally and talk about it, and thankfully turned out in a good way :)
so all smiles for that... though actually after the chat i cried :P but that was coz I was missing her and not coz I was sad. So still... all smiles :)