Thursday, October 29, 2009

4 years

Never realised time could fly so fast
its been four years and come to think of it now..... its good in a way.... tht its stable as of now... touch wood !!
at the same time doesnt feel like its been tht long..... a few things do get boring after this long.... thr is sumtimes nothing left in the name of suprise to long for or lok forward to when it becomes this long....
but then yet again comes another 27th and u are thrown off ur feet in the most unexpected way !!!

the morning was jus like any other morning.... got up went to class.... and then at 4 o' clock i get a bunch of purple orchids and carnations delivered to the class.... now tht wasnt expected.... or maybe i expected it in the morning but forgot abt it by the evening time and the card read.... Happy 4th.... P.S: waiting down for you - Bugs

i cudnt stop smiling after tht.... looked down frm the balcony nd thr he was all smiling.....
finished the lecture in the next 15 min and went down.... was promptly stopping an auto when he said.... dont bother....and he jus he made a call and a car came and halted in front of us ....feeling like a princess into the car.....went to Mad Over Donuts.... 12 Donuts.... can u imagine :P well didnt eat all... got them packed :P finished 6 though ;)

Went to Colaba from there.....went to this place which was supposed to be the dinner halt for the night.... but we reached thr at 6:30 and it doesnt open till 8 pm.... having no choice we decided to spend time at colaa causeway -- with me shoppin like crazy :P

even b4 we reached the shoppin area my eyes fell on Leopold cafe.... and hence halt at Cafe Leopols estb. 1871
a shot of cherry brandy mixed with some other liquors and a plate of pasta and french fries and scrambled eggs with ice tea :D

and then soon after started the shopping spree..... 4 pairs of shoes and loads of bangles and ear rings.... aaah !!!! total bliss.... nothing cud beat the happiness one gets after shoppin ...and tht too when its cheap chindi shopping !!!

after the round of shoppin it was time to leave for this restaurant again....

frm outside this place was a total mood spoiler.... felt like..... after all this bliss.... y this? :P
went up abt 5 floors in a cramped up lift.... the smallest i have ever been in i shud say...and the lift man has to b one person out of the 4 tht can hardly fit into it

the lift halted on the 5th floor...had to climb up 2 fleets of stairs and then opened doors to the best place i have ever been to till date.... awesum ambience (or maybe i felt so coz the day was spl) and smelt good with all the flavoured hookah..... it has this raised platform a lil secluded frm the rest of the place frm which u can have the view of the sea with all the fishing boats and tourist motor boats hangered. we got a table after abt 20 min of waiting.... ordered food...fabulous i shud say ... never had such awesum biryani except in hyderabad :P
Ordered a hookah (grape) and its naaaaaaaaaaaice :P
awesum place i shud say.... and to complete wat was a perfect eve+night sumone was bursting crackers (the celebration rockets) into the air and it felt like the 27th of last yr when we went to Pearl O' Orient one night before diwali when we sat in the revolving restaurant facing the marine drive and all the colorful lights felt the same even now....maybe even better.....

on the whole it was probably the Best date till date !!!

P.S: the pic so damn fits in.... !!!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Random Thoughts

decided to better post this under this heading.... and will continue this label for these kinds of thoughts were i dnt have time to actually write a big post abt these thoughts but i still want it on jus for archives

--> got a new laptop

--> sumtimes better to stay away

--> need a holiday

--> hate it when they dnt listen to me in class but they listen to him x-( x-(

Friday, October 09, 2009

This or That

Sumtimes this question makes life miserble :D

To go out or not to
To buy a new laptop or save money
To buy the blue shoes or the red ones
To take it seriously or not
To tell them or not
To do it or not
This one or that one
Gym or Jogging.... or neither :D
Ghar ka khana or Bahar ka khana
Premier show or first day show
Romance or Comedy
Action or Drama
Get up early or Walk in late
Train or Rickshaw
Sony Walkman or Apple Earphones
Change Flat or Dont change
Spend Money or Save money
Gas Laws or Periodic Properties :P
Objective or Subjective
Purple or Black
Call or Not to call
Talk or not to talk
Meet or not to meet

each one in a different context but each one equally important :P