Saturday, September 05, 2009

Happy Teacher's Day to me :P

well..... i was worried before i took up this decision....worried if i was doin the right thing...worried if i cud make it or if students wud reject and kick me out :P didnt want to end up in the library like the others.... and well guess wht.... looks like I aint a bad teacher after all ;)
I dont knw how or wht the students think abt me but as for me.... I enjoy each class equally and each batch equally (well but i do have my favourites :P )
I look forwar to each class.... and i am really glad i took this up....sumtimes i really feel like....who cares wht the others have to say about my decision.... i am lovin wht i am doin and i am gettin paid well so how does it matter.... but well thr come those other times when i feel ki maybe i took a wrong step but then along comes another class and i feel all high again :)

right now in hyd...enjoying a weekend with my parents.... looking forward to monday when i can go back to work :)