Thursday, July 30, 2009

After shopping its cooking

Yes.... thts my latest obsession..... if its south indian sumtimes like masala dosa.... other times its the authentic north indian mushroom makai paneer... while at other times it has no regional barriers - i make some pakode :D

list of things i have made and turned out good till now :D... in the order tht i made them

maggi ;)
sada dosa
aaloo fry
bhindi fry
egg burji
kheer (payasam)
aaloo ki sabzi
bhindi ki sabzi
tomato soup
kashmiri pulao
paneer butter masala (paneer makhani)
veg kolhapuri (disaster)
masala rice
scrambled eggs with toast
mac and cheese
boondi raita
masala boondi chat (own creation :P)
masala dosa
paneer makai paneer

and in the desserts list i have my own creations
and i'd like to call them.....

Landslide and Curious Gorge ;)
both of them were awsum (this i knw for sure)

next on list is chicken which will be ghar ka recipe and chole

hope they turn out good too :D

and yeah...i think i will make a good cook coz i had two best critics eat my food today and this is how it turned out

critic 1 : a picky fellow who has names for everything and nething cooked....nd who compares it with his mom's cooking and leaves the table if its bad..... but suprisingly he finished 3/4th of the sabzi today

critic 2: a frnd who i knw for sure has been the best cook i know and she jus wanted to taste it but instead took a second helping because she said she liked it :P

and these two things are enuf for me to believe tht i am good (though i havent eaten it myself becoz of the mushrooms :P )