Tuesday, June 09, 2009

It's not just a phone.....

we wake,we wonder
we blink, we yawn
we switch on,we switch off
we breathe in, we breathe out
we organize,we categorize
we rush, we waste
we're tacky, we're charming
we decide,we cant decide
we do this everyday

we're smart,we're dumb
we're cute,we're juggling all the time
we take calls, we make calls
we laugh, we cry

got friends, lots of friends
we call friends, we text friends, friends of friends
no....we're just friends

we're hooked, we're addicted
we're inseparable
we're on it, we're in it
we love it, we need it

we check
we check
we check again...

we're hot, we're hotter
we're naughty, we're nice

we cant live without it

Its not just a phone..... its who we are !!!

Seems so apt and true... its like ever since i owned a phone (no matter whether it was the first one or the eigth one) it was always thr with me.... whereever i went... whtever i did

Kudos to whoever invented the cell phone :D

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