Saturday, May 16, 2009

Of Summers and Mangoes

With summers come loads of wonderful things.... the sweet smelling jasmines.... the summer heat and the cooling ice candies.....the holidays...... the tours.....the coconut water......and last but the most important..... MANGOES

This is wht makes me look fwd to summers sumtimes.... i like loads of other fruits... but nothing tht can beat mangoes

Mangoes and me.....We go back a long way.... my grandparents owned an orchard or a farm.... whtever u wanna call it .... and they had rows of mango trees and coconut trees.... the mornings wud start with me carrying a huge basket in my teeny weeny hands trying not to trip over it on my way frm the house which stood right in the middle of the orchard to the tree which bore the sweetest fruit.

First i would pick those fruits which have fallen on the ground becoz they were too ripe or becoz some bird had pecked too hard or a monkey was trying to steal them from the tree but dropped the mongo instead. Then i would climb up to the lower branches and pluck more fruit. I would carry the basket back with the help of my grandfather who wud stand by and watch me all this while.

That tree would be my tree....I would water the tree each day and the tree would make sure it gave me the sweetest of mangoes. By afternoon a small cot would be put under the tree and i would lie down beneath its shade to with a comic book in one hand, which i make sure i pack b4 leaving hyd and a mango in the other

atleast 3 mangoes a day and as if this wasnt enough i would eat raw mangoes too with salt and chilli powder. By the end of summer holidays my mom wud b compelled to get a new set of clothes for me coz i wud have gone by atleast 2 sizes :">

I jus had my first mango of the summers today.... it wasnt as sweet as those mangoes i collected from my tree... the tree is no longer mine though.... my grandparents shifted frm the orchard to a more urbanized town....good for them coz they no longer can live all alone thr ..... but i really wish sumtimes tht they hadnt moved out from thr and i cud climb those trees to pluck my morning fruit and have yellow mango stains on all my summer frocks

P.S: this image is only untill i go back to bbay and upload a pic of me from my childhood, with the mango :D