Friday, February 27, 2009

False Pride

Head lines of Bombay Times the day Oscars were announced :

"Slumdog makes India proud with 8 Oscars"

"India has never shone like this before...."
"There's not a single Indian heart that does not seem to be echoing the sentiment, 'Yes, we have done it'."

And the first thing tht comes out of my mouth is WTF !!!

say Rahman made us proud... i agree
say Resul Pookutty made us proud... i agree
say Vikas Swarop made us proud... i agree
maybe i wud even agree for Lovleen Tandon or Freida Pinto or ne of those Indian actors in the movie or the technicians of the movie

but how the hell did Slumdog winning at the Oscars make us proud???
Ridiculous !!!

They did the same thing when Water had acclaimed international fame... no production house was ready to accept the movie here but aftr it was made under international banner... oh then thr we r to claim it as an indian movie and ready to come under the wings of fame... or whtever u wanna call it

Calling slumdog an indian movie is equal to calling Kal ho na ho an american movie since it was based in America.... Oh... sorry maybe ppl wud argue here saying tht the actors were indian and the story was abt an indian isnt it??

Dev Patel to my knowledge is British

I do agree tht we indians are happy for Rahman .... and as for me i am more than happy for him (and equally for gulzar, sukhwinder and resul pookutty).... an indian to win the oscars ... wht more cud ne one ask for

But being happy for slumdog??? C'mon its lagaan tht we shud b happy for not slumdog... no matter wht argument u giv me... i stick to my opinion... dnt want u to agree to it... but when wud we realize...especially the press which adds up to half the reason ....tht IT IS NOT WE WHO SHOULD BE PROUD.....We were only the subjects of the movie... WE ARE NOT THE MOVIE MAKERS... Danny Boyle is not Indian.....the credit for the movie goes to HIM not US !!!

and as for the movie ... i wanted to write abt it earlier.... but cudnt...

my review for the movie Slumdog Millionaire

the first half of the movie is awesum where the camera work esp in the song "they cant touch me" is god !!!
the scene of amitab's arrival and the way they travel in the train and how he becomes a guide.... really shot well and for the story i dont knw whom to giv credit to.... vikas swarop or danny boyle

but things were goin pretty well till a few things seemed a lil out of place... i still find it illogical tht the blind kid knew tht benjamin franklin was the man on a 100 bill.... c'mon i dnt knw it myself and i am sure most ppl dnt.... if it was asked abt a normal indian currency it wud still have made sense.... even if i assume he went to school b4 getting his eyes gauged out....atleast i wasnt taught this in my school.... as to which famous personality is printed on which american bill

nd for sumone who has been watching movies on general mumbai slums and movies like salam bombay, maybe this movie wudnt have appealed so much incase u didnt knw tht it was an oscar nominated movie or tht it won a golden globe or tht it was made by a non bollywood man.... knwing the background of the movie itself makes a lil diff i guess.... coz all the while tht i was watching the movie thr was this bell constantly ringing in my head tht kept reminding me.... "this is danny boyle who made the movie... not madhur bhandarkar or ram gopal verma"... and i sumhow myself automatically appreciated it more to think tht a foreigner who understood the depth of making a movie on the slums of mumbai... wow!!! now tht is wht i appreciated more than the movie itself... havent read the book so cant say whether it is a good adaptation or no... but danny boyle has definetly done a fantastic job and done total justice to "slums of mumbai".... i wonder if the movie wud have been appreciated the same incase it was made by ne indian director :D
and i shud say... awesum acting by the two slum kiddos..... u deserve an oscar if it was in my hands :D

finally.... the only ppl i think deserve a hats off are Rahman (and gang) and Resul Pookutty !!!

and danny boyle for understanding the depth of the literature and making such a good movie

and to all those ppl falsely feeling happy tht slumdog has made it in the oscars.... i pity u :|

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Last Midsems in IIT

and the least prepared for :P

Friday, February 06, 2009

IITB Dram.. Will Miss You !!!

If thr is one thing i will miss apart frm frnds @ IIT... its definetly goin to b Dram @ IITB

Ad Making - Gro Gro
MI One Act Play - Stangers in the Dark
Freshie Monoacting
Chaos One Act Play - Strangers in the Dark

IITB's First feature Film - Deja vu

Malhar Streetplay - Kya hoga ab yaar
Sophies Production - A + iB
Inter Hostel Streetplay - Godgiri
Main GC Dram - Writer's Block
Open Monoacting

Freshie Orientation - Monoacting
Sophies Production - Andhon ka Hathi
Main GC Dram - 111 Rupees
MI Streetplay - Agnipareeksha
Inter Hostel Streetplay - 70 Crore
Chaos Streetplay - 70 Crore

Filmaka Contest - Chamatkar
Filmaka Contest - 7 stones
Filmaka Contest - Guddi

Freshie Orientation - Andhon ka Hathi
Prithvi Performance - Agnipareeksha Day 1
Prithvi Performance - Agnipareeksha Day 2
Fourth Wall Orientation - Agnipareeksha
Freshie Open Stage Judging
Freshie Weekend Monoacting Judging
Theatre Fest - Kuch Khatha Kuch Meetha
Streetplay Workshop for PGs
Thespo Audition - Sonu ka Gold Medal
Prithvi Performance as a part Thespo Festival - Sonu ka Gold Medal
Main GC Dram - Ek Chidia Anek Chidia
Annual Productions - Epsilon Delta

And apart from this... there are always workshops that i have been part of or impromptu events as a freshie or sophie... and the bigger picture of all these... the Baap of all Cult events - PAF

PAF 1 - Hostels 6,10,13,Tansa - Kharashein - Acting
PAF 2 - Hostels 3,8,10, Tansa - Aashayein - Voiceover
PAF 3 - Hostels 4,9,10 -U Turn - Acting

Thanx to all the seniors who believed in me..... thanx to all the juniors who trusted me...... thanx to all the audience who sat thru any of my performances.....and not to forget ... thanx to IITB for letting all this happen in the first place....and a big...huge thanx to the one special person without whom this wudnt have been possible (atleast i like to think tht way)

Annual Productions 2009.... this was my last ever stage performance in IITB... and Epsilon Delta is wht we called our performance..... a tribute to the MA course tht was taught to us in the first yr :P
Enjoyed making the play more than sitting and watching it.... got to knw ppl better becoz of this.....good way and bad way :)
But the end of all this.... I cudnt ask for a better ending to My Dram @ IITB.... A Standing Ovation !!!

Wht else cud i ask for.... Never seen a standing ovation in an LT b4..... and probably wudnt b able to see one again either :)

All in all..... I am happy i chose this path :) :) :)