Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A whole lot of confusion

Why is it happening like this jus when i thought i had it all completely worked out? do i like these holidays or do i not? Do i want them or do i not?
Its a whole mess up there in my head.... the only person i shud b sorting this thing out with is the one i shudnt b confronting in the first place
Am i doin wht i am coz i want to do it....or jus coz i am scared of the consequences? if it is the other way then its bad...isnt it? i dnt think u r supposed to take decisions (esp very imp ones on which the course of ur life cud depend) jus coz u r scared of wht others might think... or wht ppl mite say....isnt it supposed to b coz u want to do it?

and on tht note....relationships rnt easy to handle...b it ne of these...... frnds....cousins...bfs....both Xs and present....parents....siblings....their gfs.... nething !!!
they r jus too complicated

jus being incoherent in my thoughts here..... probably had a good time today... probably didnt.....probably did the right thing.... probably didnt.... probably spoke the right things.... probably didnt......shud i or shudnt i..... the question still remains unanswered


gurveen said...

haha is this what happens when your mind is too free?:D:D

neeha said...

hmmm, wat u sed is true....very true shud do wat u wanna do, not for others but for urself, its ur life agreed! so ur responsible for nethng dtl happen in d dnt get impulsive nd act....cos u wudnt want to regret rite???? nd dre r loads of ppl who wan u to always be happy so do take gud care of urself:)