Saturday, December 13, 2008

Day 07- Day 13

Can anyone not jus open their mouths in a GD...esp sumone like me? the answer is Yes !!! .... but not bothered abt it coz company didnt shortlist neone frm my GD grp...and took noone frm campus :P

got shortlisted in sabre travels ...wasnt int in the job profile.... felt like a really mechanical work...and screwed up the interview slightly on purpose... as in interview was goin bad.... and though if i wanted i cud have turned the course.... i didnt put ne extra effort :D

he asked me wht kind of a job u want..... and though i knw its partly core and it is jus abt taxing and numbers.... i told him i wanted a creative job :P
which wudnt have been my answer in a normal case :P

the interviewer was handsome though :D

the companies of 3-6 lakhs have begun..... hmmm.... being choosy now... c'mon i am not working in a company tht pays less and at the same time i dnt like wht i am doing...scope !!!

john deer ... the company tht took buddhu (a family frnd) frm NIT Warangal paying 5 Lakhs.... and placing in pune coming to us...with a package of 3.25 Lakhs... i dnt knw the profile... but i am sure its the same.... even if it is not.... doesnt an IITian mean nething to them??? revolting and not signing their JAF :D

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