Wednesday, December 24, 2008

In the Memory of

An uncle of mine passed away (a distant relative but a very close family frnd).... he was part of a four-families team

we went on summer vacations together.... most bdays were spent together.... ne joyous occassion and he was thr to celebrate it with us as was he during ne greiving period to support us... and now i cant believe he is no longer with us... and it all jus happened in less than a month...

Death is painful and the memories of the loved ones who have left us r even more painful. No reunion of the frnds wud b the same without him now.... We will miss u uncle and u will always b remembered

Eternal rest grant unto him O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him, may his soul rest in peace
Amen !

A whole lot of confusion

Why is it happening like this jus when i thought i had it all completely worked out? do i like these holidays or do i not? Do i want them or do i not?
Its a whole mess up there in my head.... the only person i shud b sorting this thing out with is the one i shudnt b confronting in the first place
Am i doin wht i am coz i want to do it....or jus coz i am scared of the consequences? if it is the other way then its bad...isnt it? i dnt think u r supposed to take decisions (esp very imp ones on which the course of ur life cud depend) jus coz u r scared of wht others might think... or wht ppl mite say....isnt it supposed to b coz u want to do it?

and on tht note....relationships rnt easy to handle...b it ne of these...... frnds....cousins...bfs....both Xs and present....parents....siblings....their gfs.... nething !!!
they r jus too complicated

jus being incoherent in my thoughts here..... probably had a good time today... probably didnt.....probably did the right thing.... probably didnt.... probably spoke the right things.... probably didnt......shud i or shudnt i..... the question still remains unanswered

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Mood swings :D

jus having one of those since yesday .... feeling nice now...actually better ...much much...partially coz i have things figured out :D

feeling nice...happy and joyful... except tht i am not doin good health wise... a catch in my back and coupled with cramps :(

its ok.. my first 'official' dinner :D

Nawab Sahab - Renaissance

looking forward to enter my new world :)

P.S: thts jus whr i am goin for the trt :P

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Was feeling blue from quite sometime..... and was thinking abt all the possible ppl i cud speak to ... but it jus turns out... i cant talk my heart out to neone..!!! jus not left with neone i cud confide in i guess or neone who without judging me or jus looking at it like some stupid talk i always have... cud give me some advice here

Feeling lost... unhappy and blue


Phew !!!!

Finally its over.... its done !!! doesnt seem like ppl i xpected to b happy for me r really happy.... but i jus dnt have to keep worrying every min abt not getting placed now or tht i might have to take up a 4 lakhs job sumwhr away frm hyd or mumbai

he is unhappy tht i am goin home now... or for whtever reason i dont knw.....
munna cried yesday tht i am placed in mumbai...and tht means i wont b coming back home.... he was crying yesday saying tht he was feeling lonely.... I Miss You too sweetheart ... uuuuummmmmmaaaahhh !!!
mom is unhappy.... says its a bad job.... y doesnt she get it tht its the rescission period and getting placed itself is a big deal...she still has this image in her head tht iitian hai toh per month 1 lakh in hand ka job toh lagega hi &$%^#$%$#%$%^%^&%%@#$% JUS FORGET IT !!

y is my happiness a function of everyone elses??
cant i jus b happy becoz i want to b?
am i happy with the job i got?
is neone happy for me ?
does neone want me to b happy?
shud i leave the job and jus take up a job with some reputed company even if it is paying me less than this one?
shud i jus take a year off to do MBA?
why do ihave to do an MBA?
y am i joining this company if no one is happy with it?
is 6-7 lakhs package less in this crisis situation?

too many questions... none i can answer....

always wanted to knw how getting placed would feel.... but trust me.... this is not how i imagined it wud b

Congratulations to myself !!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Day 07- Day 13

Can anyone not jus open their mouths in a GD...esp sumone like me? the answer is Yes !!! .... but not bothered abt it coz company didnt shortlist neone frm my GD grp...and took noone frm campus :P

got shortlisted in sabre travels ...wasnt int in the job profile.... felt like a really mechanical work...and screwed up the interview slightly on purpose... as in interview was goin bad.... and though if i wanted i cud have turned the course.... i didnt put ne extra effort :D

he asked me wht kind of a job u want..... and though i knw its partly core and it is jus abt taxing and numbers.... i told him i wanted a creative job :P
which wudnt have been my answer in a normal case :P

the interviewer was handsome though :D

the companies of 3-6 lakhs have begun..... hmmm.... being choosy now... c'mon i am not working in a company tht pays less and at the same time i dnt like wht i am doing...scope !!!

john deer ... the company tht took buddhu (a family frnd) frm NIT Warangal paying 5 Lakhs.... and placing in pune coming to us...with a package of 3.25 Lakhs... i dnt knw the profile... but i am sure its the same.... even if it is not.... doesnt an IITian mean nething to them??? revolting and not signing their JAF :D

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Day 6

well...jus yet another day..... Adventity shortlist out.... not in..... waitlist to b coming out tomorro morning

Nithya left for hyd.... sahi leaving tomorrow.... gurveen leaving on tuesday....navya and aarathi already left.... i wud have died of depression if he wasnt thr probably

Friday, December 05, 2008

Day 5

Nothing today.... D.E. Shaw which was supposed to come didnt come......coz of the black day thingy.... will come later on apparently... and being in civil suxx as usual.... no company wants to hire us at all !!!!

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Day 4

gave an aptitude test for adventity.... company tht is known to have fired 11 freshers it recruited this year...

i runway took abt 10 ppl.... atleast one company wants us :D

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Day 3

Nothing today.... jus like yesday.... and maybe nothing tomorrow too.... it jus keeps getting worse !!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Day 1-2

well..... I did give my first ever interview yesday....and i cleared round 1.... i goofed up round two....didnt get placed hence.... but welll.... atleast my first ever interview was fun..... feeling a lil more confident aftr tht... though not getting placed has got my spirits a lil low.... clearing the first interview jus got my hopes up high....and not getting thru the next round has dissapointed me.... if i didnt get thru the first round itself maybe i wud have felt better..... dunno...whtever happens i have learnt frm sumone tht it is for the good..... so jus trying not to loose my senses and get emotional :|

being in civil suxx.... hardly ne companies tht r open for us now tht itc/schlums/consultancies are gone..... few finance companies and a few other analysts left...jus hoping to do well....hope i wont have to attend too many interviews b4 i get a job....coz with each passing day it gets more difficult to hold it up

and i jus hope thr r ppl apart frm me out thr parying for me to get a good job :|