Saturday, November 29, 2008

Placements '08

8 is generally considered an unlucky number....and maybe it is holding true this time too.... as if the serial blasts were not if the financial crisis wasnt enough.... now we have the war on mumbai :(
holding hostages like they show in movies...killing ppl randomly.... Leopold cafe.... i mean i wud have probably been goin thr sumday myself for a nice meal or for a trt....and now i hear on TV tht every bit of the place is covered in blood....ppl being shot at randomly.... and wht not...

i knw this should be the least of my concerns at this point of time.... but i am scared like everyone else abt my placements.... tht point whr it is decided whether wht i have done till date is of ne use or no.... how well i stand in competition to my peer group.... and it is the major point in life which will decide wht or how i will b frm henceforth

I am ready for ne job at this point of time... but i do want a job which rewards my efforts also ....another criteria actually.... but i dnt knw how imp tht shud be
but i do knw tht this factor wud also be imp in deciding a lot of other things....

and becoz of the bloody attack and coz of fall of markets... ML london.... schlums... Credit ... Sony japan.... are all backing out of the placements....and estimated number of ppl to be placed on first day is 20 compared to the number 93 of last yr :( thts really sad :( wish i cud get into iit one year earlier.... or i dnt knw wud have been a butterfly effect thing whr i wudnt have done or been a lot of things tht i have done becoz of the extra one year tht took me to get into iit....but then...jus for these few days i wish i was placed last yr itself :(
this is bad :(
but jus trying to be positive ....grrrrrrrrr...... really if this phase ends fast.... i'd b really really glad !!!

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