Friday, November 14, 2008

Long time no see.....

Well not particularly busy but jus too lazy...or not in the mood sumtimes if not lazy....
loads of things happened... frm performing at prithvi theatre (the Mecca for theatre artists) to meeting his parents.... frm watching movies like maan gaye mughle azam...woodstock villa...drona...kidnap....roadside romeo... to getting my hair streaked..... frm finishing my btp on time to getting scared in a presentation and xcusing myself to shed two drops of tears b4 i cud gather myself and start all over again.... frm writing the most crappy resume to not cleaning my room even once in the whole semester...frm losing a whole lot of wt to getting to talk to M's first gf....frm meeting with an accident to losing another phone.....yeah...pretty much i've done it all this sem !!!

cant sit and play the 5 months flash back now...but had some really good time this sem.....fought with sum, for the close to some, for the better and distanced from others for the best.

got a whole new wardrobe....with loads of clothes and shoes like never b4 :D

4 major hurdles....

1) btp report submission and presentation
2) CAT
3) Endsems
4) Placements

done with the first
preparing for the second
waiting for the third
and fearing the fourth

with the stupid recession in the market.... placements this yr r apparently goin to b bad...jus hoping for the best... i dnt wanna b left out in the end...thts the only thing tht scares me more than ending up with a bad job

i dnt knw the reason i wanted to post today...of all the days... maybe coz frm the last 1 month i wasn supposed to be really busy...notice the supposed :D

now again.....was chatting and writing the blog...and also browsing arbit stuff.... i lost interest half way thru this stupid post.... unlike some frnds and co-bloggers.... i dnt really approve of drafting a post jus coz its not complete....its as complete as u want it to y not post it now !!!

yaaaaaawnnn !!!

sleepy also.... :D will continue my movie reviewing again.... i dnt think i will ever b able to keep track of all the movies i see ....its sad sumtimes coz i keep forgetting the names of some really good ones too when it comes to suggesting names

thts it for now i guess..... jus gonna add a few into the list of 101+ things abt me now

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Nithya said...

Please bring movie reviews back :)
It's good to see you posting again. All the best for CAT baby :*