Saturday, November 15, 2008


Meaning good bye in rusi language.....the movie went fine for the first half....very much natural....i mean not like bucket list.... it was real like... but then the second half wasnt upto the mark....things jus kept happening without a logic how he wishes now for a photo in the first page was very very arbit....and then clippings with end credits was also stupid...i mean the actors were stupid....cant they jus list out things they wanna do b4 dying??? one of them actually said have two babies... i mean in 2 months u r goin to die and u r gonna sit and try to have babies???? woman !!! and another was stupid to say i wud like to get close to my kids and knw them when they r 25 yrs...ok ..!!! u r dying in 2 months not 20 yrs...

i always kept wondering tht if i knew i was goin to die in a few min who all i wud b making phone calls to...and i have always wondered on this....relatives...frnds...old ones.... the list is always big... but was wondering wht i wud b doin if had enuf money to do nething i wanted to and knew tht i wud die in say a year.... 2months is too short a time to do nething :D

hmmmm....lets see....

visit disney land
see all the wonders of the world (old new latest...everyone of them)
live near a beach for a few days
go sking, paragliding, bungee jumping, water rafting, ne other adventure sport i can think of :D
learn a couple dance
buy flowers everyday :D
shop like i never did b4...a new dress evryday :D
buy a MAC laptop...the latest and the most psuueeeeeed one !!
i phone :D/or whtever is in then :D
a lavish car
watch as many movies as possible
get stoned once
champagne :D

thts all i can think of for now... will keep adding to the list as and when i think of nething new :D


Vipin Kumar said...

You are still to get stoned? I though you would have done it by now :D

Ravali said...

tried it....but didnt happen... :(

will do it again sumtime...whether i am dying or not :D

Nithya said...

How about, eat only ice cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner :)
Or finally, visit my house...

Ravali said...

he he he...i dnt have to die for tht :P
will do it b4 i join the corporate world :D
and as for ice cream...lets jus instead stay right beside KFC... u have the sundae...i'll have the hot wings :D