Saturday, November 29, 2008

Placements '08

8 is generally considered an unlucky number....and maybe it is holding true this time too.... as if the serial blasts were not if the financial crisis wasnt enough.... now we have the war on mumbai :(
holding hostages like they show in movies...killing ppl randomly.... Leopold cafe.... i mean i wud have probably been goin thr sumday myself for a nice meal or for a trt....and now i hear on TV tht every bit of the place is covered in blood....ppl being shot at randomly.... and wht not...

i knw this should be the least of my concerns at this point of time.... but i am scared like everyone else abt my placements.... tht point whr it is decided whether wht i have done till date is of ne use or no.... how well i stand in competition to my peer group.... and it is the major point in life which will decide wht or how i will b frm henceforth

I am ready for ne job at this point of time... but i do want a job which rewards my efforts also ....another criteria actually.... but i dnt knw how imp tht shud be
but i do knw tht this factor wud also be imp in deciding a lot of other things....

and becoz of the bloody attack and coz of fall of markets... ML london.... schlums... Credit ... Sony japan.... are all backing out of the placements....and estimated number of ppl to be placed on first day is 20 compared to the number 93 of last yr :( thts really sad :( wish i cud get into iit one year earlier.... or i dnt knw wud have been a butterfly effect thing whr i wudnt have done or been a lot of things tht i have done becoz of the extra one year tht took me to get into iit....but then...jus for these few days i wish i was placed last yr itself :(
this is bad :(
but jus trying to be positive ....grrrrrrrrr...... really if this phase ends fast.... i'd b really really glad !!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Whts not straight??

Looks like 'gay' is whts hep and happening right now apart frm John Abraham's butt !!!
Well....dostana...thts wht i am talking abt...another gay priyanka movie :D

A karan johar production.... wht else do we expect :d now he cant publicly show who is gay with him :P so he decides on showing AB and John gay :P ....well they cud b...not denying...but atleast to the outside world they r a happily married and committed couple respectively (not to one another :P )
I was seriously LOL though not LMAO....not bad i shud say....well still only talkin abt the first few min... bobby deol enters the stage and phwwoooooossshhhh !!! the movie goes bad :(

everything is predictable and old jokes..... no new style also...except tht this time its not the US of A or London or Australia and for a change its Miami

God does Shilpa look hot !!!! aweeessssssuuuuummmmmmmm figure i shud say :D
Priyanka wasnt tht gr8...but cud do with her more than Rani mukherjee in Thoda life thoda magic...well only comparin in the sense tht rani does for yash raj wht priyanka is doing for karan
=))) jus realised how shady tht sounds..... well i dnt knw ne inside stories or gossips ...jus talkin abt the roles :D

tomorrow's exam is an open book and anything u can think of exam :D Luv Prof. Dasaka Murthy for this...wht can b of more relief in this horrifying period....jus avoiding ne talk pertaining to the last hurdle in my status ....dnt want to think abt it.... :D

not as happy as my smiley....but doin jus fine :|

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Belling the CAT

After all looks like the CAT did escape like expected this yr :D
not tht i really wanted to get into it this yr...coz like i mentioned sumtime b4 ... i have no clue as to why i have to do an MBA in the first this is jus like buying myself more time to think abt it once again...and see y i really need to do it aftr all

So with 2 things of the major 4 hurdles of this month/sem crossed.....jus eagerly waiting for the next 2 to get done with asap

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Meaning good bye in rusi language.....the movie went fine for the first half....very much natural....i mean not like bucket list.... it was real like... but then the second half wasnt upto the mark....things jus kept happening without a logic how he wishes now for a photo in the first page was very very arbit....and then clippings with end credits was also stupid...i mean the actors were stupid....cant they jus list out things they wanna do b4 dying??? one of them actually said have two babies... i mean in 2 months u r goin to die and u r gonna sit and try to have babies???? woman !!! and another was stupid to say i wud like to get close to my kids and knw them when they r 25 yrs...ok ..!!! u r dying in 2 months not 20 yrs...

i always kept wondering tht if i knew i was goin to die in a few min who all i wud b making phone calls to...and i have always wondered on this....relatives...frnds...old ones.... the list is always big... but was wondering wht i wud b doin if had enuf money to do nething i wanted to and knew tht i wud die in say a year.... 2months is too short a time to do nething :D

hmmmm....lets see....

visit disney land
see all the wonders of the world (old new latest...everyone of them)
live near a beach for a few days
go sking, paragliding, bungee jumping, water rafting, ne other adventure sport i can think of :D
learn a couple dance
buy flowers everyday :D
shop like i never did b4...a new dress evryday :D
buy a MAC laptop...the latest and the most psuueeeeeed one !!
i phone :D/or whtever is in then :D
a lavish car
watch as many movies as possible
get stoned once
champagne :D

thts all i can think of for now... will keep adding to the list as and when i think of nething new :D

Friday, November 14, 2008

Long time no see.....

Well not particularly busy but jus too lazy...or not in the mood sumtimes if not lazy....
loads of things happened... frm performing at prithvi theatre (the Mecca for theatre artists) to meeting his parents.... frm watching movies like maan gaye mughle azam...woodstock villa...drona...kidnap....roadside romeo... to getting my hair streaked..... frm finishing my btp on time to getting scared in a presentation and xcusing myself to shed two drops of tears b4 i cud gather myself and start all over again.... frm writing the most crappy resume to not cleaning my room even once in the whole semester...frm losing a whole lot of wt to getting to talk to M's first gf....frm meeting with an accident to losing another phone.....yeah...pretty much i've done it all this sem !!!

cant sit and play the 5 months flash back now...but had some really good time this sem.....fought with sum, for the close to some, for the better and distanced from others for the best.

got a whole new wardrobe....with loads of clothes and shoes like never b4 :D

4 major hurdles....

1) btp report submission and presentation
2) CAT
3) Endsems
4) Placements

done with the first
preparing for the second
waiting for the third
and fearing the fourth

with the stupid recession in the market.... placements this yr r apparently goin to b bad...jus hoping for the best... i dnt wanna b left out in the end...thts the only thing tht scares me more than ending up with a bad job

i dnt knw the reason i wanted to post today...of all the days... maybe coz frm the last 1 month i wasn supposed to be really busy...notice the supposed :D

now again.....was chatting and writing the blog...and also browsing arbit stuff.... i lost interest half way thru this stupid post.... unlike some frnds and co-bloggers.... i dnt really approve of drafting a post jus coz its not complete....its as complete as u want it to y not post it now !!!

yaaaaaawnnn !!!

sleepy also.... :D will continue my movie reviewing again.... i dnt think i will ever b able to keep track of all the movies i see ....its sad sumtimes coz i keep forgetting the names of some really good ones too when it comes to suggesting names

thts it for now i guess..... jus gonna add a few into the list of 101+ things abt me now