Friday, May 02, 2008

My first day at Work

well....thts wht i like to call it :D
goin to b starting off in another 1 hr frm now.... i dont have my entry pass though and i was supposed to take a print out of the appointment letter which i i have no clue whether they r goin to allow me or no :D jus hope they wud
and hope i dont fall off asleep.....coz i have no clue as to whether i will have work today or no...and no clue as to who this man is tht i am supposed to meet...its weird tht i have to b thr at 8:15 though i dont knw if this guy tht i am supposed to meet is goin to come by 8:15 no or :(
aaaaghhh... too many things tht i am unsure of :(
thts a bad start thr......jus hope i wud b writing differently when i come back :)

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