Friday, May 02, 2008

The first day :((

i never thought it wud b this way :((
nothing to do the whole day....i mean absolutely nothing...and jus when i wanted to leave....i was given these 25 ppts...each with a min of 50 slides to read so tht i wud knw wht exactly i wud b dealing with..... my foot !!!
my "boss" apprently didnt feel like turning up for the day...and my associate apparently didnt feel like letting me home ....grrrrrrrrr !!!
and he thinks he did some kinda ehsaan to me by giving me access to this BC dated comp...which takes ages to perform ne task and access to ne kind of sites.....blockign mailing sites is one thing....blocking... forums and discussion...entertainment....and god knws wht else.... the only sites i discovered tht work thr r google (though the result pages dont seem to open) and wikipedia....tomorrow i am goin to take sumthing to read thr...though i am not sure wht since i have no books in hand....maybe i will take my lappy along so tht i have sum or the other kind of entertainment thr....i mean i am totally gonna turn crazy with 9hrs of office hrs...and nothing to do...well atleast tomorrow i will have the lunch hr to wait i didnt have tht also....long story abt tht...dont want to sit writing abt tht now

as for the movie review promise.... OMG !!! i think i wudnt mind giving a review of SATC..... i cant bear to write abt tht ewwwwwwwwww movie i saw today "Mr Black, Mr White" nothing related to the title for one thing....dont knw wht those charlie's angels char were doin throughtout the movie....actually dont knw wht half the char r doin in the movie ...dont knw why they were existing for 99.99% of the movie and the comedy .....plz hang urself Mr dialogue writer or whtever or whoever u r.... i mean pathetic...patheitc ka bhi baap...and acting.... i wonder if execpt Arshad neone else in the movie can act...including Suneel Shetty....well he cud never act as it is....the heroines...whtevr their names were....whr did they find them??? some daily soap?? well i think even soap artists are better these days ... horrible horrible horrible acting pathetic dialogues....aweful movie in a single word... dont ever ever try watching this....thr isnt a single thing i liked abt the movie... ONE TWO THREE was 200 times better than for those who saw the later movie must understand how bad the former is

jus a bad day at work and at play :(

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gurveen said...

auuw sweets!!
welcome to my december experience...only gud thng was, my boss used to send me home in da afty arnd 3 coz she had no wrk 4 me blockin internet makes office so damn stifling..
lunch hour will atleast get you outta da office..
btw i discovered a gud timepass there..making and having tea again and again..den i made dese 1-2 frnds to do gappein wid while i was havin tea also..