Friday, May 02, 2008

The CAT call !!!

Hmm.....quite a few ppl i knw got into the IIMs ......
i wonder wht i would be writing abt myself at this time of the year next year :D
i dont knw whether i want to get into it or no
i mean right now i have no motivation to get into this point of time i really dont mind not getting into it....i mean i dont knw if its wht IIT has done to me...or whether jus getting into IIT was the only thing i ever wanted. I might jus b doing it for my parents... i cudnt care less abt not getting into it....i mean wud i really need an IIM degree?? right now if u ask me...well i dont think so...but then maybe 1yr or 2 yrs down the lane i wud want to do it....coz remembering my obsession for having those numerous graduation/post graduation degrees.....well i do want to have sumthing like tht sumtime....but i dont knw if now exactly is the time...or i wud really want to b writing another competitve examination like JEE or CAT for tht matter to get into one... i mean i dont want to write these F**king exams again....i jus want to get into a university ( a reputed one though :P ) and complete my PG and get out of it... I dont want to b judged based on stupid a b c d options tht i put which i end up being bad at all the time...i mean objective type of questions and me....dont go together....ever ever....and i wonder how ever passed JEE screening also...if i was just a year late...i probably wudnt get into IIT at all :D
and i opted for stress and coping as an HSS option and if i get into tht (which is less likely) i wonder i wud score in tht course :p
well finally let me try and wait to see if my notion abt the CAT exam is gonna change by november when i wud b taking it...coz i dont want to end up feeling bad abt not getting thru it though i never wanted to write it ...i still dont understand y i am writing tht exam right now...jus coz everyone else is doing it???

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