Friday, March 14, 2008

Bade Log !!!!

Bacche sab ab bade ho gaye !!!
By bacche i refer to all those sophies/freshies whom i have worked with in the last one year :)
Pupun - Insti Dram Secy
Ahana - ECell Manager
Edla - Techfest Manager
Agyeya - Techfest Manager
Shekhawat - MI CG
Samarth - MI CG

and Neha who is my room beti is also an ECell manager :D

when i was in 1st year tab anshul awasthi pondy in sabko dekhke lagta tha ki these ppl r so close to their juniors....they even knw us freshies so well...unke valfi mein aane ke liye ya job trt pe jaate time spend time they have a gang of ppl which includes ppl not frm their batch....and tht i only knew sr...hardly ppl frm y batch also....lekin now i can say...all thanx to DRAM@iitb i have my own sweet grp... we worked together....gone for trts....and played MAFIA all night.....wht more wud i want :D (jus realised tht i already mentioned this point in my prev post :P )


विकास कुमार said...

:) पता नहीं मेरी valfi में कोई आयेगा कि नहीं. मेरा तो ऐसा कोई ग्रुप है ही नहीं. :(
तू आ जाना प्लीज.

apan log said...

to tu bhi to ab bada aadmi ban gaya hai? poltu

Ravali said...

kyun nahi aaungi.....pakka aaungi :P
balki humein toh likhna bhi hai profile ...kal waala point bhi toh daalna hai :D

Vipin Kumar said...

hmm, couldn't agree more .

praveen said...

Kabhi bataya hi nahi ki aap blog bhi likhte ho. Mai apna naam search karte yahan pahunch gaya :) ...

Samia Ambaanae said...

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