Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Others......

Sumtimes it is better to leave people to make their preferences...their life...and wht they do with it is upto them...even if u knw tht person well or u think tht person isnt doing the right thing...sumthings r better left for them to find out for themselves...."limts" as i wud like to put it shudnt b friends or partners there is always a thin line after which we wud b intruding into the other person's life which is also called their "personal life"....and advice... Oh Pleeeeeeeaaaaaaassssssseeeeeee !!! keep it to urself unless they ask for some.
If they really think they need your advice they wud b knocking on your door to ask wht u feel abt it...and if they dont...then understand your position in that case and how much right u have in talking about it. And before you give advice...always think of this one line "LOOK WHO IS TALKING"
If you cant stop urself frm bitching behind their back ...well go ahead...but when u r told how much position u hold in decisions they need to understand.....tht u might b good at work with them......u might b good in the relation u r with them....u might b the greatest of doubt about tht.....but then...they dont want u to decide for them wht to do and wht not to do.... i mean essssssssssspecccccccccialllllllllyyyyyyyyy u. When u cant fit in their shoes and see sumthing tht they see in wht they r doing.....then y not jus keep quiet....instead of losing the little respect they have for you in the process of trying to give unwanted/unasked for advice. They do understand u care for them...but tht doesnt giv u a right to try and change their preferences....if they like wht they r doing it then let them go ahead..... If u didnt want advice about ur relationship....if u didnt want advice about ur changing lifestyle....if u didnt want advice of ur social behaviour.....then how can you be the one giving now? And paaaaleeeeeeeeeeese if the decision has u concerned in no way then y the hell r u the first in line to comment or give away free advice...? its not like u r living a perfect life tht u need to preach others about it....u like the way u live....they like the way they live.... you take ur decisions and they do like to take theirs'

Cud b crap..... stupid logic.....WHTEVER this is how life is...and shud be.....jus dont b "THE OTHERS" who have to have a say in every damn thing not concerning them !!!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Bade Log !!!!

Bacche sab ab bade ho gaye !!!
By bacche i refer to all those sophies/freshies whom i have worked with in the last one year :)
Pupun - Insti Dram Secy
Ahana - ECell Manager
Edla - Techfest Manager
Agyeya - Techfest Manager
Shekhawat - MI CG
Samarth - MI CG

and Neha who is my room beti is also an ECell manager :D

when i was in 1st year tab anshul awasthi pondy in sabko dekhke lagta tha ki these ppl r so close to their juniors....they even knw us freshies so well...unke valfi mein aane ke liye ya job trt pe jaate time spend time they have a gang of ppl which includes ppl not frm their batch....and tht i only knew sr...hardly ppl frm y batch also....lekin now i can say...all thanx to DRAM@iitb i have my own sweet grp... we worked together....gone for trts....and played MAFIA all night.....wht more wud i want :D (jus realised tht i already mentioned this point in my prev post :P )