Friday, February 29, 2008

The FOUR letter word !!!

These are the answers i gave to sumone's questions on their blog
and since they r my views neways...thought it wud b good enuf to have them up :D

- Do you think that all love stories are almost the same... or each one is different

The only same thing probably is tht it has the common element "love" in no two ppl can think two ppl can luv alike ;) we cant expect a relation of a combination of 2 ppl (who can vary ) to b it gives us more combinations which makes it even more unlikely tht it cud b alike :D... lets see.... if thr r n ppl..... then n ways of loving...and since thr r pairs of makes it a combination of nC2 ...he he he

- Do you think ... love can be as fleeting as for half an hour

i think tht wud b compassion or jus liking...luv is sumthing which is more stronger than mere attraction of half an hour. when u luv sumone ...u will luv them till u die.... or lets b practical... u will luv them till sumthing/sumone changes ur opinion to change the luv to hatred. and if its not hatred... u probably still have a soft corner for the person and wud def giv the thing another chance sumtime in the future :)

- Do you infact believe in the word defined love.... or do you think its more of you find someone compatible with you

thr r loads of definitions/varieties for luv... u luv ur mom...u dnt jus luv her coz u think she is compatible with u... tht wud b more of having common u wud go out with tht person and hang arnd with them....luv doesnt need ppl who share same interests.and its more fun when u dnt have common interests....coz then u learn to sacrifice/adjust for tht person which shows to the opp person how much they mean to u

- What does it feel like being in love

feeling like u have sumthing others dont have ;) ...feeling like u cud do nething for the one u luv..... it jus feels like "being loved" or if its one jus feels like "luving" :)

- Can you fall in 'love' more than once in your lifetime......

yes coz thr might b more than one person u r in luv with..but probably not at the same time ... but then even if it is at the same time, u luv one more than the other....thts whr the difference comes in

- imagine a person likes you .... you know it but dont share the same feelings.... somehow you are stuck ina romantic situation.... that other person............. says he/she would like to kiss you .............. What would be your first thoughts........... not what will you say ....... but what will be the first thing going on in your head......

i dont think kissing is a big issue as far as i am concerned unless u mean a french kiss :P and even if tht is the case.....the situation comes...and then the mind jus acts...u cant sit here in front of the lappy and think abt it :p

- Also anything else you would like to share on this topic

luv is sumthing very abstract...for each one it wud vary... like u can obviously guess frm the answers u r going to dnt bother catering to everyones definition... ppl wud accept ne definition tht u want to giv to luv as long as they see a possibility of "luv" in it :)

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