Wednesday, December 24, 2008

In the Memory of

An uncle of mine passed away (a distant relative but a very close family frnd).... he was part of a four-families team

we went on summer vacations together.... most bdays were spent together.... ne joyous occassion and he was thr to celebrate it with us as was he during ne greiving period to support us... and now i cant believe he is no longer with us... and it all jus happened in less than a month...

Death is painful and the memories of the loved ones who have left us r even more painful. No reunion of the frnds wud b the same without him now.... We will miss u uncle and u will always b remembered

Eternal rest grant unto him O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him, may his soul rest in peace
Amen !

A whole lot of confusion

Why is it happening like this jus when i thought i had it all completely worked out? do i like these holidays or do i not? Do i want them or do i not?
Its a whole mess up there in my head.... the only person i shud b sorting this thing out with is the one i shudnt b confronting in the first place
Am i doin wht i am coz i want to do it....or jus coz i am scared of the consequences? if it is the other way then its bad...isnt it? i dnt think u r supposed to take decisions (esp very imp ones on which the course of ur life cud depend) jus coz u r scared of wht others might think... or wht ppl mite say....isnt it supposed to b coz u want to do it?

and on tht note....relationships rnt easy to handle...b it ne of these...... frnds....cousins...bfs....both Xs and present....parents....siblings....their gfs.... nething !!!
they r jus too complicated

jus being incoherent in my thoughts here..... probably had a good time today... probably didnt.....probably did the right thing.... probably didnt.... probably spoke the right things.... probably didnt......shud i or shudnt i..... the question still remains unanswered

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Mood swings :D

jus having one of those since yesday .... feeling nice now...actually better ...much much...partially coz i have things figured out :D

feeling nice...happy and joyful... except tht i am not doin good health wise... a catch in my back and coupled with cramps :(

its ok.. my first 'official' dinner :D

Nawab Sahab - Renaissance

looking forward to enter my new world :)

P.S: thts jus whr i am goin for the trt :P

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Was feeling blue from quite sometime..... and was thinking abt all the possible ppl i cud speak to ... but it jus turns out... i cant talk my heart out to neone..!!! jus not left with neone i cud confide in i guess or neone who without judging me or jus looking at it like some stupid talk i always have... cud give me some advice here

Feeling lost... unhappy and blue


Phew !!!!

Finally its over.... its done !!! doesnt seem like ppl i xpected to b happy for me r really happy.... but i jus dnt have to keep worrying every min abt not getting placed now or tht i might have to take up a 4 lakhs job sumwhr away frm hyd or mumbai

he is unhappy tht i am goin home now... or for whtever reason i dont knw.....
munna cried yesday tht i am placed in mumbai...and tht means i wont b coming back home.... he was crying yesday saying tht he was feeling lonely.... I Miss You too sweetheart ... uuuuummmmmmaaaahhh !!!
mom is unhappy.... says its a bad job.... y doesnt she get it tht its the rescission period and getting placed itself is a big deal...she still has this image in her head tht iitian hai toh per month 1 lakh in hand ka job toh lagega hi &$%^#$%$#%$%^%^&%%@#$% JUS FORGET IT !!

y is my happiness a function of everyone elses??
cant i jus b happy becoz i want to b?
am i happy with the job i got?
is neone happy for me ?
does neone want me to b happy?
shud i leave the job and jus take up a job with some reputed company even if it is paying me less than this one?
shud i jus take a year off to do MBA?
why do ihave to do an MBA?
y am i joining this company if no one is happy with it?
is 6-7 lakhs package less in this crisis situation?

too many questions... none i can answer....

always wanted to knw how getting placed would feel.... but trust me.... this is not how i imagined it wud b

Congratulations to myself !!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Day 07- Day 13

Can anyone not jus open their mouths in a GD...esp sumone like me? the answer is Yes !!! .... but not bothered abt it coz company didnt shortlist neone frm my GD grp...and took noone frm campus :P

got shortlisted in sabre travels ...wasnt int in the job profile.... felt like a really mechanical work...and screwed up the interview slightly on purpose... as in interview was goin bad.... and though if i wanted i cud have turned the course.... i didnt put ne extra effort :D

he asked me wht kind of a job u want..... and though i knw its partly core and it is jus abt taxing and numbers.... i told him i wanted a creative job :P
which wudnt have been my answer in a normal case :P

the interviewer was handsome though :D

the companies of 3-6 lakhs have begun..... hmmm.... being choosy now... c'mon i am not working in a company tht pays less and at the same time i dnt like wht i am doing...scope !!!

john deer ... the company tht took buddhu (a family frnd) frm NIT Warangal paying 5 Lakhs.... and placing in pune coming to us...with a package of 3.25 Lakhs... i dnt knw the profile... but i am sure its the same.... even if it is not.... doesnt an IITian mean nething to them??? revolting and not signing their JAF :D

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Day 6

well...jus yet another day..... Adventity shortlist out.... not in..... waitlist to b coming out tomorro morning

Nithya left for hyd.... sahi leaving tomorrow.... gurveen leaving on tuesday....navya and aarathi already left.... i wud have died of depression if he wasnt thr probably

Friday, December 05, 2008

Day 5

Nothing today.... D.E. Shaw which was supposed to come didnt come......coz of the black day thingy.... will come later on apparently... and being in civil suxx as usual.... no company wants to hire us at all !!!!

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Day 4

gave an aptitude test for adventity.... company tht is known to have fired 11 freshers it recruited this year...

i runway took abt 10 ppl.... atleast one company wants us :D

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Day 3

Nothing today.... jus like yesday.... and maybe nothing tomorrow too.... it jus keeps getting worse !!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Day 1-2

well..... I did give my first ever interview yesday....and i cleared round 1.... i goofed up round two....didnt get placed hence.... but welll.... atleast my first ever interview was fun..... feeling a lil more confident aftr tht... though not getting placed has got my spirits a lil low.... clearing the first interview jus got my hopes up high....and not getting thru the next round has dissapointed me.... if i didnt get thru the first round itself maybe i wud have felt better..... dunno...whtever happens i have learnt frm sumone tht it is for the good..... so jus trying not to loose my senses and get emotional :|

being in civil suxx.... hardly ne companies tht r open for us now tht itc/schlums/consultancies are gone..... few finance companies and a few other analysts left...jus hoping to do well....hope i wont have to attend too many interviews b4 i get a job....coz with each passing day it gets more difficult to hold it up

and i jus hope thr r ppl apart frm me out thr parying for me to get a good job :|

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Placements '08

8 is generally considered an unlucky number....and maybe it is holding true this time too.... as if the serial blasts were not if the financial crisis wasnt enough.... now we have the war on mumbai :(
holding hostages like they show in movies...killing ppl randomly.... Leopold cafe.... i mean i wud have probably been goin thr sumday myself for a nice meal or for a trt....and now i hear on TV tht every bit of the place is covered in blood....ppl being shot at randomly.... and wht not...

i knw this should be the least of my concerns at this point of time.... but i am scared like everyone else abt my placements.... tht point whr it is decided whether wht i have done till date is of ne use or no.... how well i stand in competition to my peer group.... and it is the major point in life which will decide wht or how i will b frm henceforth

I am ready for ne job at this point of time... but i do want a job which rewards my efforts also ....another criteria actually.... but i dnt knw how imp tht shud be
but i do knw tht this factor wud also be imp in deciding a lot of other things....

and becoz of the bloody attack and coz of fall of markets... ML london.... schlums... Credit ... Sony japan.... are all backing out of the placements....and estimated number of ppl to be placed on first day is 20 compared to the number 93 of last yr :( thts really sad :( wish i cud get into iit one year earlier.... or i dnt knw wud have been a butterfly effect thing whr i wudnt have done or been a lot of things tht i have done becoz of the extra one year tht took me to get into iit....but then...jus for these few days i wish i was placed last yr itself :(
this is bad :(
but jus trying to be positive ....grrrrrrrrr...... really if this phase ends fast.... i'd b really really glad !!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Whts not straight??

Looks like 'gay' is whts hep and happening right now apart frm John Abraham's butt !!!
Well....dostana...thts wht i am talking abt...another gay priyanka movie :D

A karan johar production.... wht else do we expect :d now he cant publicly show who is gay with him :P so he decides on showing AB and John gay :P ....well they cud b...not denying...but atleast to the outside world they r a happily married and committed couple respectively (not to one another :P )
I was seriously LOL though not LMAO....not bad i shud say....well still only talkin abt the first few min... bobby deol enters the stage and phwwoooooossshhhh !!! the movie goes bad :(

everything is predictable and old jokes..... no new style also...except tht this time its not the US of A or London or Australia and for a change its Miami

God does Shilpa look hot !!!! aweeessssssuuuuummmmmmmm figure i shud say :D
Priyanka wasnt tht gr8...but cud do with her more than Rani mukherjee in Thoda life thoda magic...well only comparin in the sense tht rani does for yash raj wht priyanka is doing for karan
=))) jus realised how shady tht sounds..... well i dnt knw ne inside stories or gossips ...jus talkin abt the roles :D

tomorrow's exam is an open book and anything u can think of exam :D Luv Prof. Dasaka Murthy for this...wht can b of more relief in this horrifying period....jus avoiding ne talk pertaining to the last hurdle in my status ....dnt want to think abt it.... :D

not as happy as my smiley....but doin jus fine :|

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Belling the CAT

After all looks like the CAT did escape like expected this yr :D
not tht i really wanted to get into it this yr...coz like i mentioned sumtime b4 ... i have no clue as to why i have to do an MBA in the first this is jus like buying myself more time to think abt it once again...and see y i really need to do it aftr all

So with 2 things of the major 4 hurdles of this month/sem crossed.....jus eagerly waiting for the next 2 to get done with asap

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Meaning good bye in rusi language.....the movie went fine for the first half....very much natural....i mean not like bucket list.... it was real like... but then the second half wasnt upto the mark....things jus kept happening without a logic how he wishes now for a photo in the first page was very very arbit....and then clippings with end credits was also stupid...i mean the actors were stupid....cant they jus list out things they wanna do b4 dying??? one of them actually said have two babies... i mean in 2 months u r goin to die and u r gonna sit and try to have babies???? woman !!! and another was stupid to say i wud like to get close to my kids and knw them when they r 25 yrs...ok ..!!! u r dying in 2 months not 20 yrs...

i always kept wondering tht if i knew i was goin to die in a few min who all i wud b making phone calls to...and i have always wondered on this....relatives...frnds...old ones.... the list is always big... but was wondering wht i wud b doin if had enuf money to do nething i wanted to and knew tht i wud die in say a year.... 2months is too short a time to do nething :D

hmmmm....lets see....

visit disney land
see all the wonders of the world (old new latest...everyone of them)
live near a beach for a few days
go sking, paragliding, bungee jumping, water rafting, ne other adventure sport i can think of :D
learn a couple dance
buy flowers everyday :D
shop like i never did b4...a new dress evryday :D
buy a MAC laptop...the latest and the most psuueeeeeed one !!
i phone :D/or whtever is in then :D
a lavish car
watch as many movies as possible
get stoned once
champagne :D

thts all i can think of for now... will keep adding to the list as and when i think of nething new :D

Friday, November 14, 2008

Long time no see.....

Well not particularly busy but jus too lazy...or not in the mood sumtimes if not lazy....
loads of things happened... frm performing at prithvi theatre (the Mecca for theatre artists) to meeting his parents.... frm watching movies like maan gaye mughle azam...woodstock villa...drona...kidnap....roadside romeo... to getting my hair streaked..... frm finishing my btp on time to getting scared in a presentation and xcusing myself to shed two drops of tears b4 i cud gather myself and start all over again.... frm writing the most crappy resume to not cleaning my room even once in the whole semester...frm losing a whole lot of wt to getting to talk to M's first gf....frm meeting with an accident to losing another phone.....yeah...pretty much i've done it all this sem !!!

cant sit and play the 5 months flash back now...but had some really good time this sem.....fought with sum, for the close to some, for the better and distanced from others for the best.

got a whole new wardrobe....with loads of clothes and shoes like never b4 :D

4 major hurdles....

1) btp report submission and presentation
2) CAT
3) Endsems
4) Placements

done with the first
preparing for the second
waiting for the third
and fearing the fourth

with the stupid recession in the market.... placements this yr r apparently goin to b bad...jus hoping for the best... i dnt wanna b left out in the end...thts the only thing tht scares me more than ending up with a bad job

i dnt knw the reason i wanted to post today...of all the days... maybe coz frm the last 1 month i wasn supposed to be really busy...notice the supposed :D

now again.....was chatting and writing the blog...and also browsing arbit stuff.... i lost interest half way thru this stupid post.... unlike some frnds and co-bloggers.... i dnt really approve of drafting a post jus coz its not complete....its as complete as u want it to y not post it now !!!

yaaaaaawnnn !!!

sleepy also.... :D will continue my movie reviewing again.... i dnt think i will ever b able to keep track of all the movies i see ....its sad sumtimes coz i keep forgetting the names of some really good ones too when it comes to suggesting names

thts it for now i guess..... jus gonna add a few into the list of 101+ things abt me now

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Awesum Foursome !!!


I prefer callin this movie an utter shitty movie...priyadarshan has jus got loose frm god knws whr...he is not fit to make movies...well ....all he does is make remakes of nice south indian movies to turn them into bad hindi movies....and this one is jus getting worse..... bad bad bad...super bad.... and i dnt like genelia's voice (if at all thts her original)...her dubbing in gult is better off whoever gives it....she looks like a bad actress on hindi screens...she better stick to south

not bad.....liked it....i mean the thought was nice.... but the ending was arbit...well i dnt have a better end to it....but then...tht didnt explain nething.... !!!so aftr all its jus not a superb film i guess...or rather not an "aww"er


not a bad animation....good..ok...but the thing tht is making me think abt this movie even now is tht ...i still think they got one avatar wrong....coz firstly....they show buddha on the promotional title image or whtever....and they show mohini in the movie...with no mention of buddha.....still gottu read abt it....but the music....i mean the bachground score is awesummmmmm...loved it !! very tappy....sounded like tanhayi frm DCH ka initial beat....but luved it !!!

another crappy movie....i mean i guess when they started off they wanted to make a movie on collge politics...but abt 20 min b4 interval....they decided tht they wanted to make a movie on farmers dying....well...ok....but then during the course...they realized once again tht they had an RDB in the y not giv it tht touch...if they said jai jawaan...we'll say jai kisaan....cmon..... doesnt sikandar look like kunal kapoor....well..not exactly with his horse face and giant body....but maybe jus the height....and the the hair part wrong....maybe jus nothing.....and doesnt gulpanag giv off a lil ...jus a teeny weeny bit of a soha ali khan.....cmon yaar...both of them r fair !!! lets put our stakes on tht side of the story....but yaar...sikandar has to make sumthing blasty in the end isnt we'll send him to jail....jus like tht.... for a change....and we'll get gulpanag raped....jus like tht rahega movie these days has ne rape scenes...toh isliye :D waaah !!!! kya alag se socha toh kadak ban gayi hai ab...bas audience pe thok dete hai ab....oh shit...lekin yeh kya ho gaya...humne toh socha 2007 mein release karenge...lekin ab toh 2008 ho chuka hai.....koi baat nahi...audience is stupid yaar....jus use ne title u want...summer 2007 ya monsoon 2008 ...unko kya farak padta hai though we mentioned nething abt the yr in the movie...neways the title has nothing to do with the movie naa..... jus go ahead....and giv them another Crap to waste money on .......

well...thts how my weekend was....oops.... i still have another day to go b4 i can say weekends over :D
fundoo time :D 4 movies back to back ...well not exactly back to back...2 frm yesday afty to night... 2 frm today afty to like a back to back... :D ate loads and loads and loads and loads of popcorn :D:D:D
done with the week's new movies....waiting for the next friday :D

Saturday, June 07, 2008

My first "Official Pay-Cheque"


I am actually enjoying work...cud b coz i am not sitting idle nemore....beign appreciated for working fast :D and also one major reason cud b tht Murugan is nomore my incharge and Lloyd is :D:D...though for some reason ppl r asking me to b careful abt Lloyd... i find him nice... i mean he is kind of fun to b arnd....chirpy...jovial...and most importantly...doesnt make work feel like work....chilled person.....exactly opposite to wht murugan was :P

neways i jus like whtever i am doin now though it is least related to civil :P

i am doin things with software =))

jus uploading and creating pages :P

but still ..... as long as i am busy life is fine thr...and yeah also coz i got adjusted to the timings now....till lunch time i wait for it to turn 12:00 and aftr tht i wait for it to turn 5 :P thts how i pass time :D

All smiles !! :):)

and can i forget to mention this..... Monsoons r here !!!!!!!

i looooooovvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeee the climate :D :*****************

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Having no Past

Thts wht i am now...i have no more memories frm school or nething tht i was b4 goin to IIT.... i made sure i had loads to take with me at every point of life tht i thought was memorable...but now....nothing's left of it. Thanx to my parents for this...
I wanted to take them along with me when i went to IIT....all of them.... my school tie...belt...10th class hall ticket...ramaiah entrance exam hall ticket....farewell the teachers and the one tht i got frm my grp pic....farewell pics of a teacher who left when we were in first ever senti letter....the gift wrapping paper of the gift i most cherish....sri mega i card....and god knws wht.... !!! Already the graffiti lab coat...than to my washerwoman who decided to wash it as clean as possible was as white as new just 1 yr aftr school.... and now this....
Miss them too much :(
I dnt have a past nemore....if they cudnt take care of it why did they stop me frm taking them to iit when i wanted to in the first place....Hate them for this
just too sad right now :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

Friday, May 02, 2008

The first day :((

i never thought it wud b this way :((
nothing to do the whole day....i mean absolutely nothing...and jus when i wanted to leave....i was given these 25 ppts...each with a min of 50 slides to read so tht i wud knw wht exactly i wud b dealing with..... my foot !!!
my "boss" apprently didnt feel like turning up for the day...and my associate apparently didnt feel like letting me home ....grrrrrrrrr !!!
and he thinks he did some kinda ehsaan to me by giving me access to this BC dated comp...which takes ages to perform ne task and access to ne kind of sites.....blockign mailing sites is one thing....blocking... forums and discussion...entertainment....and god knws wht else.... the only sites i discovered tht work thr r google (though the result pages dont seem to open) and wikipedia....tomorrow i am goin to take sumthing to read thr...though i am not sure wht since i have no books in hand....maybe i will take my lappy along so tht i have sum or the other kind of entertainment thr....i mean i am totally gonna turn crazy with 9hrs of office hrs...and nothing to do...well atleast tomorrow i will have the lunch hr to wait i didnt have tht also....long story abt tht...dont want to sit writing abt tht now

as for the movie review promise.... OMG !!! i think i wudnt mind giving a review of SATC..... i cant bear to write abt tht ewwwwwwwwww movie i saw today "Mr Black, Mr White" nothing related to the title for one thing....dont knw wht those charlie's angels char were doin throughtout the movie....actually dont knw wht half the char r doin in the movie ...dont knw why they were existing for 99.99% of the movie and the comedy .....plz hang urself Mr dialogue writer or whtever or whoever u r.... i mean pathetic...patheitc ka bhi baap...and acting.... i wonder if execpt Arshad neone else in the movie can act...including Suneel Shetty....well he cud never act as it is....the heroines...whtevr their names were....whr did they find them??? some daily soap?? well i think even soap artists are better these days ... horrible horrible horrible acting pathetic dialogues....aweful movie in a single word... dont ever ever try watching this....thr isnt a single thing i liked abt the movie... ONE TWO THREE was 200 times better than for those who saw the later movie must understand how bad the former is

jus a bad day at work and at play :(

My first day at Work

well....thts wht i like to call it :D
goin to b starting off in another 1 hr frm now.... i dont have my entry pass though and i was supposed to take a print out of the appointment letter which i i have no clue whether they r goin to allow me or no :D jus hope they wud
and hope i dont fall off asleep.....coz i have no clue as to whether i will have work today or no...and no clue as to who this man is tht i am supposed to meet...its weird tht i have to b thr at 8:15 though i dont knw if this guy tht i am supposed to meet is goin to come by 8:15 no or :(
aaaaghhh... too many things tht i am unsure of :(
thts a bad start thr......jus hope i wud b writing differently when i come back :)

The CAT call !!!

Hmm.....quite a few ppl i knw got into the IIMs ......
i wonder wht i would be writing abt myself at this time of the year next year :D
i dont knw whether i want to get into it or no
i mean right now i have no motivation to get into this point of time i really dont mind not getting into it....i mean i dont knw if its wht IIT has done to me...or whether jus getting into IIT was the only thing i ever wanted. I might jus b doing it for my parents... i cudnt care less abt not getting into it....i mean wud i really need an IIM degree?? right now if u ask me...well i dont think so...but then maybe 1yr or 2 yrs down the lane i wud want to do it....coz remembering my obsession for having those numerous graduation/post graduation degrees.....well i do want to have sumthing like tht sumtime....but i dont knw if now exactly is the time...or i wud really want to b writing another competitve examination like JEE or CAT for tht matter to get into one... i mean i dont want to write these F**king exams again....i jus want to get into a university ( a reputed one though :P ) and complete my PG and get out of it... I dont want to b judged based on stupid a b c d options tht i put which i end up being bad at all the time...i mean objective type of questions and me....dont go together....ever ever....and i wonder how ever passed JEE screening also...if i was just a year late...i probably wudnt get into IIT at all :D
and i opted for stress and coping as an HSS option and if i get into tht (which is less likely) i wonder i wud score in tht course :p
well finally let me try and wait to see if my notion abt the CAT exam is gonna change by november when i wud b taking it...coz i dont want to end up feeling bad abt not getting thru it though i never wanted to write it ...i still dont understand y i am writing tht exam right now...jus coz everyone else is doing it???

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

End of another year.....

well i think i wanted to start off with how eventful this yr has been with details of probably each month...but naah...!!! in no mood for tht
i will b getting my lappy back tomorrow (hopefully) so i shud b blogging more regularly :D
and since its holiday time..... so shud my movie reviews section :D
i had this urge to start on a restaurent rating thing...or like wht u shud b eating if u go to this place....but then knwing us....i dont think we wud b eating in too many places....we wud probably end up at the same place time aftr time....or probably with the same thing if not the same place :P
so no point in lets stick to "our" thing....the first day movie thing...for a few weeks now....i thought we lost it...i mean watching movies on the first day was "our thing".....and we hadnt done tht for quite sumtime....but then....
then came summers...and then came sirf and tashan....back to back....tashan hadnt even released in the theatres on the first day....i mean atleast not in the multiplexes....andu knw wht we did :D :">
i saw the movie in shreyas...he he he....gave me a proper feel of some high class theatre in tenali...with all the whistles and all...i mean kareena enters...and the crowd goes noisyyyyyyy.....
it was an awesum experience !!!
and then again...who cares abt the movie....we have our thing back... !!!! and we r rocking !!!

let me start off today so tht i dont discontinue.....

The last Mimzy:
Sci-fi movie...weird logic tht children r innocent and blah blah....but then...nice funda of nano technology and artificial life etc....but stupid logic on the children thing..i mean cliche

P.S. I love You :
Neone in a real relationship shud watch this movie.....i was crying the whole time...though thts expected of me.. but still....i mean atleast all the girls shud watch the movie for the hero...i mean....cuteeeeeeeeee hai yaaar!!! and theirish accent....GOD !!!! cant blieve he is the same man fr 300 ...he is cutely cute....but at the same time...a nice movie...not really tht nice also...but a few scenes were really goood !!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Meet the fourth type !!!

There are three types of people in my world.....

one...who are spl frnds....take time out of their schedule to make every event tht is spl to me more memorable with their presence even if they have a hectic schedule and even if i didnt invite them to b with me ...and if they cant make it due to some reason...make it a point to say "sorry i cant make it this one time"

second kind.... i m good frnds with them and so r they....they try being thr with me when i want...and if they cant make it... i dnt mind it tht much....and if i cant make it nor do they...but they do have their reasons...and it wudnt bother me much incase they dont make it...coz atleast i dont have ne expectations from them

the third kind....
who claim to be friends...who r jus thr.... and find time to hang arnd with others even when it is an imp event in my life....need spl invitations...and even then dont turn up...but have time to hang arnd with others "jus for fun" and have excuses to giv me for y they rnt thr with me on "my day".... dont think it was imp to b thr to b with me on my spl day...for them...if its my wht ...its jus another thing i do....if i win wht....jus another thing i won....a spl wht...jus another part of my dumb life....but did i mention.... "they r really really good frnds" and i need to take time out frm my time to hang arnd with them...coz they r "my" frnds

and then meet the fourth kind.....

ME.... who doesnt giv a damn for all this nemore .... !!!

i guess i have learnt a lot over the last 2 sems..... loads in the former sem for sure !!!

and learning new things now....

i cud have misunderstood some......i cud have overexpected frm others .... and then thr r a few whom i didnt care a damn abt earlier maybe coz of some reasons....and even if they r still like tht....atleast i "knw" tht they have been... r .... and will b like tht....
and if i dnt mind those few insignificant things abt them....then i guess they r pretty much better than those "second" kind who make flase claims and show menew faces at every instant

always nice to meet new ppl....always nice to get to make up with ppl u didnt like b4....but it hurts when u start to feel indifferent towards "frnds"

Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Others......

Sumtimes it is better to leave people to make their preferences...their life...and wht they do with it is upto them...even if u knw tht person well or u think tht person isnt doing the right thing...sumthings r better left for them to find out for themselves...."limts" as i wud like to put it shudnt b friends or partners there is always a thin line after which we wud b intruding into the other person's life which is also called their "personal life"....and advice... Oh Pleeeeeeeaaaaaaassssssseeeeeee !!! keep it to urself unless they ask for some.
If they really think they need your advice they wud b knocking on your door to ask wht u feel abt it...and if they dont...then understand your position in that case and how much right u have in talking about it. And before you give advice...always think of this one line "LOOK WHO IS TALKING"
If you cant stop urself frm bitching behind their back ...well go ahead...but when u r told how much position u hold in decisions they need to understand.....tht u might b good at work with them......u might b good in the relation u r with them....u might b the greatest of doubt about tht.....but then...they dont want u to decide for them wht to do and wht not to do.... i mean essssssssssspecccccccccialllllllllyyyyyyyyy u. When u cant fit in their shoes and see sumthing tht they see in wht they r doing.....then y not jus keep quiet....instead of losing the little respect they have for you in the process of trying to give unwanted/unasked for advice. They do understand u care for them...but tht doesnt giv u a right to try and change their preferences....if they like wht they r doing it then let them go ahead..... If u didnt want advice about ur relationship....if u didnt want advice about ur changing lifestyle....if u didnt want advice of ur social behaviour.....then how can you be the one giving now? And paaaaleeeeeeeeeeese if the decision has u concerned in no way then y the hell r u the first in line to comment or give away free advice...? its not like u r living a perfect life tht u need to preach others about it....u like the way u live....they like the way they live.... you take ur decisions and they do like to take theirs'

Cud b crap..... stupid logic.....WHTEVER this is how life is...and shud be.....jus dont b "THE OTHERS" who have to have a say in every damn thing not concerning them !!!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Bade Log !!!!

Bacche sab ab bade ho gaye !!!
By bacche i refer to all those sophies/freshies whom i have worked with in the last one year :)
Pupun - Insti Dram Secy
Ahana - ECell Manager
Edla - Techfest Manager
Agyeya - Techfest Manager
Shekhawat - MI CG
Samarth - MI CG

and Neha who is my room beti is also an ECell manager :D

when i was in 1st year tab anshul awasthi pondy in sabko dekhke lagta tha ki these ppl r so close to their juniors....they even knw us freshies so well...unke valfi mein aane ke liye ya job trt pe jaate time spend time they have a gang of ppl which includes ppl not frm their batch....and tht i only knew sr...hardly ppl frm y batch also....lekin now i can say...all thanx to DRAM@iitb i have my own sweet grp... we worked together....gone for trts....and played MAFIA all night.....wht more wud i want :D (jus realised tht i already mentioned this point in my prev post :P )

Friday, February 29, 2008

The FOUR letter word !!!

These are the answers i gave to sumone's questions on their blog
and since they r my views neways...thought it wud b good enuf to have them up :D

- Do you think that all love stories are almost the same... or each one is different

The only same thing probably is tht it has the common element "love" in no two ppl can think two ppl can luv alike ;) we cant expect a relation of a combination of 2 ppl (who can vary ) to b it gives us more combinations which makes it even more unlikely tht it cud b alike :D... lets see.... if thr r n ppl..... then n ways of loving...and since thr r pairs of makes it a combination of nC2 ...he he he

- Do you think ... love can be as fleeting as for half an hour

i think tht wud b compassion or jus liking...luv is sumthing which is more stronger than mere attraction of half an hour. when u luv sumone ...u will luv them till u die.... or lets b practical... u will luv them till sumthing/sumone changes ur opinion to change the luv to hatred. and if its not hatred... u probably still have a soft corner for the person and wud def giv the thing another chance sumtime in the future :)

- Do you infact believe in the word defined love.... or do you think its more of you find someone compatible with you

thr r loads of definitions/varieties for luv... u luv ur mom...u dnt jus luv her coz u think she is compatible with u... tht wud b more of having common u wud go out with tht person and hang arnd with them....luv doesnt need ppl who share same interests.and its more fun when u dnt have common interests....coz then u learn to sacrifice/adjust for tht person which shows to the opp person how much they mean to u

- What does it feel like being in love

feeling like u have sumthing others dont have ;) ...feeling like u cud do nething for the one u luv..... it jus feels like "being loved" or if its one jus feels like "luving" :)

- Can you fall in 'love' more than once in your lifetime......

yes coz thr might b more than one person u r in luv with..but probably not at the same time ... but then even if it is at the same time, u luv one more than the other....thts whr the difference comes in

- imagine a person likes you .... you know it but dont share the same feelings.... somehow you are stuck ina romantic situation.... that other person............. says he/she would like to kiss you .............. What would be your first thoughts........... not what will you say ....... but what will be the first thing going on in your head......

i dont think kissing is a big issue as far as i am concerned unless u mean a french kiss :P and even if tht is the case.....the situation comes...and then the mind jus acts...u cant sit here in front of the lappy and think abt it :p

- Also anything else you would like to share on this topic

luv is sumthing very abstract...for each one it wud vary... like u can obviously guess frm the answers u r going to dnt bother catering to everyones definition... ppl wud accept ne definition tht u want to giv to luv as long as they see a possibility of "luv" in it :)

Monday, February 25, 2008

After a long time......

well.... now i am used to this i guess.... :D
went to chaos.....came first in streetplay.....bahut bahut bahut ganda kiya...lekin pata nahi kaise....first aa gaye...maybe others were worse ;)

bus mein infi mazaa aaya.....and aftr tht..... trt pe mazaa aaya....
and now midsems ke baad toh aur zyaada mazaa aaya.....reason.... "MAFIA"...whoever made up this game.....godgiri and hatsoff to tht person....and hatsoff to the person who got it into IITB :D
aftr midsems....friday night..... 11:00 pm to 7:00 am continuos mafia playing......mazaaa aa gaya :D

jus looking fwd to more games like this....maybe we shud have it every friday nite ;) lemme suggest it and see...
midsems were kind of bad...compared to the usual way i perform.....
got a new soft toy today..... and missed the batch trt :( dont want to talk much abt it...coz i didnt wanna miss it :((((((((((
got pickles frm home.....waiting to go to hostel tomorrow and have loads and loads of pickles

neways...... now i have a new gang of ppl..... first yr mein sochti thi ki anshul...awasthi....pondy....all of them have frnds in jr batch...will i ever have jrs at my valfi..... and now i am proud ki ........ya...i have a sweet cute team...jismein sophies aur freshies dono hai :)

loads of ppl getting married :)
niharika's sis...... Deepu baava....and hopefully Nanda's sis :D
so gottu gear up for them....lets see !!!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Jodhaa Akbar

I really dont knw wht history says .... but atleast the movie shows them as divine lovers destined for each other :P
I particlarly liked this one scene whr she is holding the aarti plate expecting him to take the blessing or whtever....and he is staring at her and then the plate not knwing wht to do...she looks at him and then the goes on like this for a couple of sec or maybe a min....and then she does wht she expects him to do so tht he follows her lead...he does it...and then now she wants him to put the sindhoor ...but she doesnt say it...and he doesnt knw wht she wants him to do......awwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!
tht was the most romantic scene i have seen till date.....true love blah blah i dont care....but thts def the most romantic thing i have scene
3 cheers to the Jodhaa and Akbar on screen :D