Tuesday, November 06, 2007

A good holiday...!!!

having a real good time at home...again the reason being...mom at home :) and also whenever she goes out i am going with her....
conducted 2 quizzes....saw a dram....met loads of relatives.....watching movies with her.....eating with her.... scolding dad also along with her :P
this is fun when both of us r complaining about the same man :P ;))
and also the better part this time is tht he is also at his place....so i dnt have to worry abt him either :P hope he is also doin well at his place....not calling me up...so guessign he is doing fine
though i wont b goin back till 3-4 days aftr he goes back
i wont b able to come back in december for a long time since i am managing the street play this time....but hoping i can take out a few days :( i really want to come back this time...and this is the first time i am having to go back on a very serious note...as in cant postpone at all...usually i can postpone but i dont since thr is usually no point in staying here coz i am here all by myself with jus a dog for company like i always say...but this time i am enjoying myself....hoping tht i cud stay here for longer in dec hols :(
neways i am hardly staying online also...gottu do a mini project also :(
loads of writing to do.....loads of learning to do....

P.S: finally got my ears pierced...dad doesnt approve of it :P though my granny also says they look good :P


Nithya said...

I'm so glad you're having fun:)

विकास कुमार said...

good good.
have fun while u can ;)