Saturday, November 10, 2007

Happppppyyyyyy Diwaliiiiii !!!!

I dont knw whts so happy abt it...but well..i aint sad atleast :D
have to still put up a theft incident which i will later...apart form tht the diwali was pretty much normal i guess...jus tried to avoid ne fights by doing things tht pleases my parents i wore a half saree though i got a new jeans yesday ..and this helped out coz i said i wont go to somebody's place she had asked me to go to...and she was fine with it i guess its a make me happy i wont b angry with u business :P and then in the night....all four of us were talking so much...we didnt realize tht it was 1:00 am :) really wish i cud have more of these talks....really looking fwd to coming back home sumtime soon and staying for a good number of days :(
we were talking abt really arbit stuff...frm chiru's credit our assets my parents their silver jublee aniversary which they want to b celebrated grandly :)...loads of arbit stuff really :)
and now for sum gossip ;)
thr is this particular Ms ...lets say alpha?? good enuf name.....well she went back to bbay..b4 the hols got over...and tht too on diwali itself....reason??? well the pretty obvious one..."naya pyaar" ...he he he..and this Ms Alpha is one of those who used to ask me as to y i dont stay much at home..and tht i go back so early to bbay without spending time with my parents or without staying at home...and tht bbay mein toh hum humesha hi rehte hai..and blah blah....and thts exactly wht she is doing now =)))))))))
well...wht can i say.....u dnt knw how it is untill u r in my shoes :P and now since u r in it...hope u get it... ;)

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

A good holiday...!!!

having a real good time at home...again the reason at home :) and also whenever she goes out i am going with her....
conducted 2 quizzes....saw a dram....met loads of relatives.....watching movies with her.....eating with her.... scolding dad also along with her :P
this is fun when both of us r complaining about the same man :P ;))
and also the better part this time is tht he is also at his i dnt have to worry abt him either :P hope he is also doin well at his place....not calling me guessign he is doing fine
though i wont b goin back till 3-4 days aftr he goes back
i wont b able to come back in december for a long time since i am managing the street play this time....but hoping i can take out a few days :( i really want to come back this time...and this is the first time i am having to go back on a very serious in cant postpone at all...usually i can postpone but i dont since thr is usually no point in staying here coz i am here all by myself with jus a dog for company like i always say...but this time i am enjoying myself....hoping tht i cud stay here for longer in dec hols :(
neways i am hardly staying online also...gottu do a mini project also :(
loads of writing to do.....loads of learning to do....

P.S: finally got my ears doesnt approve of it :P though my granny also says they look good :P