Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Among yet Alone...!!!

An old friend asked me wht was wrong with me.....really....wht is wrong with me??
am i fine? or am i not? am i happy or am i not? am i sad? feeling left out or not? feeling into the grp or not? feeling nabbed from the back or not? loathing it or not?
well whtever i am feeling i really dnt care abt it nemore....maybe thr does come a stage in life when nothing really matters to u....u dnt care abt wht ppl think abt u....u dnt care whether thr is sumone to think or no also :P
like i said...i was telling this frnd in brief abt things...and this is wht i said....and i like wht i said...

Its hard to find friends who stick by you at all times...and once u find is equally hard to lose them :)


$udhi said...

there is nothing wrong with you
and you do care about people around you (i mean your friends)

~$udhi :)

Vipin Kumar said...

i think i hvae heard these lines before...hmm...i have these are the lines from....:">