Thursday, September 27, 2007


We had his PT/Placement fundae session the other day in campus and this is wht the person who was giving the fundae said.......
"A leader is not the one who speaks the most.....he is the one who is spoken to the most"

This is one of the many things tht interested me in the session....i dnt knwhow much i am goin to put ne of those to use....but well...the 1:30 hr was worth it :)

oh...and ya... India won the first T-20 world cup a very less margin :)
this makes me think...maybe finally india is worth to play only these kind of matches :P
but the way the match was won was awesum... i dnt care really as to who won (well maybe i do) but tht was one hell of a match..neone who missed it has definetly missed sumthing :)


V A M S I said...

Leaders are born out of wisdom.
India 3 cheers and 2 bumps to India

V A M S I said...

Sometimes too much of cheers are also not good
India lost badly to australia today