Monday, September 24, 2007

Hoo Haaa India....Aaay Yaaay India

Right now i am watching the india pakistan match....the match between those two temas which didnt even make it to the super eight in the world cup finals.
pakistan just made its 100th run...6 wickets down...58 runs to go from 27 balls

lemme predict.... India is gonna win..incase it does then i'll put up a post tomorrow...else naaaa :D

Pak just lost another wicket :D
guess i'll have to put up another post tomorrow :P
Sumone said he wud take me out to Loins of Punjab incase india wins :D

The gift planned didnt go out tht well...
2 reasons....1 -> my today's lab got postponed to i had to shift the whole dinner plan to today
2-> india pak match ki wajah se he left his class early and came back home fast.

well...atleast the food isnt tht bad..the dessert is still to b served...thts the best part of the dinner :D

pak gained the game just has to make 28 runs frm 17 balls.... i guess pak has enuf good chance of winning
27 from 15 balls

thr goes another 6
and tht makes it 20 balls frm 13 balls

an easy win for pak i guess

thr goes another pak's wicket ...tch tch tch tch...
signing off to watch the match

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