Friday, August 17, 2007

Weekend :(

Well.... no one arnd... jus me and the lappy... everyone has something to do.... and me... not wanting to do wht i have to.... and not able to do wht i want to.... jus alone in the room....lukkkhi hoon ...lekin lukkha kaatne ke liye koi hai nahi.... cant go out to eat... coz i have digestion problems now (aftr the food poisioning thing...and jus now my frnds ask me if i want to go down to the mess and i said no...well dunno whr i wana end up eating finally :-/
saw loads of movies since my last post... but no more updating business since i cant (read dnt want to) do it on a regular basis
all of a sudden feeling all down down and moody
jus not feeling like doin nething.... not even watching a m
ovie on my lappy
want to watch sumthing short like maybe a sitcom or sumthing.... but well... i've watched frnds for the second time and it doesnt fascinate me nemore
and scrubs i am up to date... so cant go with tht also :(
and though i watched chuk de frm like 5 min b4 interval (first time ever tht i watched a movie frm half) i didnt want to go again (dont knw y...not int in watching it again)
got loads to study... loads of quizzes gonna splash on me in the next week.... but dnt want to study (looks like i lost int again)

the student i taught in the hols is now ignoring my calls... not tht i really care....but i want my salary for the first month atleast...and dude... courtesy hai ki atleast u tell me tht u dnt wanna cont nemore...
and ITC PT ke liye last date is 20th midnight...and i havent started filling in the form yet...
i knw tht i wnt probably get into it..since it is open for all depts...and lets face it... i practically suck if u look at my resume... nothing tht i have to boast abt in it academically or experience wise or nething for tht matter.... jus a stupid freshman
and a bob i guess.... which i am sure they r not goin to consider at all for a 2-3 month PT... how wud it even help them ... huh..!!!
basically i am jus pissed off with nething happening arnd me :(
life is bad boring bugging and a burden..... thts an alleteration !!!
jus took the cat word list frm winnie... wanna see if i cud try and rem nething at all :D
well thts it for now i guess.... i jus hope i find a pic good enuf to depict my exact mood and state of mind [-o<

found it :)

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V A M S I said...

Thats the best pic to bring in your mood wonder you could become a cinematographer so that our movies would look better