Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Dot dot dot dot dot......

Feeling all grown up from the past few days.... first was fillling in the ITC internship form.... whr firstly i hardly have nething to fill up with which i cud b sure i wud get shortlisted and secondly having to fill it up >:P i am still sumhow sure i wnt get thr the shortlisting process also
And then today we have this presentation whr we go all formal and giv it...weird
and now a sophies prod to handle..... put up a show by day aftr and perform it on sunday...wonder if i cud take it or no :(
jus hoping for the right things to happen....
hey and to top it all.... we have a week of quizzzing :((((((((
28th flu
29th struc
31st geo
and i missed today's soil quiz :(
i didnt bunk a single class frm the last one month and the one ...and only 1 class i bunk tht too coz my eyes were pricking frm the cont wearing of lens and coz i was damn sleepy :( (truthfully sleepy) and the prof has to choose this day only to giv a quiz >:P>:P>:P
jus hoping i do the rest of them well :(

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V A M S I said...

Believe in yourself and cool yourself you need a break. Take it and get ready for the next