Thursday, July 19, 2007

Routine Life

Jus waiting for all my frnds to come back... kinda getting bored with nothing to do around :(
well if u r counting watching movies as doin sumthing then well i am doing.... and yah...jus doin the 10th season of frnds...was jus thinking i'll go back to watching scrubs also again :D
these r the only 2 sitcoms i really really luv watching :) i dnt think i can take a whole stretch of frnds again though :D

movies... jus tons and tons of them waiting to b watched....

Another list of movies...those tht i have seen and also those i think i'll forget tht i have seen

Fantastic Four-the rise of the silver surfer
Fight Club
Andaz Apna Apna
The King and the Clown
The Longest Yard

i guess thts it :)

i shud soon put up the list of movies tht i have watched (aftr comign to iit in specific) with the ratings i guv them i guess :-?
but b4 tht i gottu finish this arti we r writing for the freshie magazine....get all our rooms painted... prepare for a few tuition classes (not tht i really need to )....chck if i can get more papers....and gottu talk to the prof once :( :-s....and to top it all....i cant shift into my room till shud i say... 25th?? :((((((((((((( everyone elses room is vacant except mine :(

nothing else tht i can remember much...yah except tht while i am waiting for the new HP-7 to release....rumours (or facts???? ) have it tht the book has leaked...but not really interested in reading the book online.... i wanna have the book in hand and read it :D
and guess wht...though i can type really fast i never tried typing without looking at the keyboard....this whole msg tht i am jus typing i tried typing without glancing at it (except for occasionally)... i guess i am looking fwd to 3 things now.... freshies....settling my room and for the day when i can type without absolutely looking at the keyboard :D

very arbit posting :D

High Spirited
In the Air
Yaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy !!!!!!


V A M S I said...

All the best and and hope your friends come back soon

gurveen said...

finally u saw andaz apna movie na??
nd i loved nottinghill also..sweet romantic:)

V A M S I said...

Loose control one more time

Damanpreet singh said...

fight club which one?? hindi or english?? hindi was lousy...english one rocked

gurveen said...

i was ur 1000th visitor
mmmmmmmmmuuuaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh !!!!

V A M S I said...

Hey what happeened no blogs