Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Philosophy in the Air...!!!!!

Was arguing with one of my frnds a few days ago abt life...the essence and blah blah blah....i think i'd like to put here a few points frm tht conversation.....
I agree i was being a lobbyist most of the time...coz mostly wht i was arguing abt isnt wht i blive in...and also...


She : take things frm west
She : things dat r gud, not things u like r are easy

She : if we spk abt west
She : dating b4
marriage, many marriages datz wat it'l lead to in d end
She : u know it better

Me : well i dnt blame them....how many ppl who r
married in india u think r happy with their married life?
Me : divorce cases in india
r also increasing baby
She : yes
She : but datz bcz of their influence baby
She : multiple sex , group sex , all such stuff in hyd, and y is dat?
She : doing all dis whoz happy wid one husband?

Me : :)) Me : u wanna get into all tht now?
Me : i mean discussing all tht

She : its jus d western influence nothing more

She : wat do u mean?
Me : discussing all tht :P

She : y ru in a mood to do dat?

Me : na
Me : but i dnt mind being a lobbyist for those who do it /:)

She : lobbyist?

Me : hmm
Me : a spokesperson
Me : :D
She : ohh so u think its rite?
Me : i dnt judge them
She : for dem to do all dat?
She : y?

Me : i dnt judge them

Me : y ante
She : yes y

Me : its all in their sexual interest
She : wat do u think of it?
She : datz wat
Me : u cant force it on them

She : ppl r busy dng things they like, no 1 is botherd abt wat id correct nd wat is wrong

Me : it isnt wrong...we think its wrong...since we have been modified to think tht way
Me : who r u to judge whts right and whts w
She : yes wat is wrong in having sex wid 2 -3 ppl on d same night Me : its not
like wht u knw is right is a universal all right thing
She : thn saying bye nd gng away

Me : yeah....its upto u

She : becoz i hv brains

She : its not up to u

Me : u r jus looking for sex..and no conditions attached..then y not

Me : its not of having brains..
Me : its jus abt how u wanna pick things coz its been happenning since u were born

Me : and since u have been told

She : we have somthng called, our culture nd religion which tell us the way to live, if at all we botherd abt it....to read them we wud know watz rite nd watz not

Me : is talking abt sex bad??? oh hell yes till a few yrs back..till ppl realised aids awareness was more imp than shutting up abt sex

She : therz somthng called future , u dnt do things for d present

Me : we have decided whts in the religion and culture
Me : they never existed b4 u created them
She : u know who created dem?

She : u know wat it is?
Me : sum abcd
Me : who cares?
She : if u know it, only then can u spk abt its authenticity, its simplicty, its use
Me : its all made up
She : its becoz u thii
nk its made up
Me : its jus a few things made up by those who think they can make things right by making things too simple
She : wen u can beleive theories of einstein, nd wateva y cant u believe theez?

Me : u have evidence of it?
Me : u have evidence of multiple sex being wrong according to ur religion?
She : ohh ya, better than ur einstein :P

Me : coz they have written proofs
She : they have jus written proofs

She : but our proofs r not only written but evn experienced

She : its not jus
knowledge its wisdom
She : wat we got

Me : i have reasons to blive einstein....if i dnt...then u wudnt b able to do a lot of things tht u r doin....

Me : :))
Me : its not exp..
Me : u dnt exp the other thing...in fear of being left out
Me : u try to go with the mob since u fear standing alone

She : ya datz becz u read abt einstain did u read our veda? no, so u cant spk abt dem

Me : wht the vedas say isnt the ultimate isnt it
She : ur mistaken its not fear, but its d confidence dat makes u stand out

She : nd wat pl say it is?

Me : wht if i wrote a new book and enuf ppl came fwd (those who rnt scared of the mob) and start following it..then ultimately...this wud become the veda

Me : :P
She : no datz d diff

She : wat do u know abt d vedas to spk lik dat

Me : they r modified in their thinking to feel tht the veda is right

Me : and if they d
nt follow it then they r commiting a sin
She : first of al its not written by anybody so u go wrong there itself

Me : and tht blah blah blah

Me : well u told me it was a written proof
Me : like einsten theory

Me : u r contradicting urself
Me : :P

She : i say its not written by a person

Me : like i told u...i am being a lobbyist...not tht i dnt knw abt our vedas or tht i support multiple sex

Me : dnt tell me god wrote it =))

Me : =))
She : vedas r words spoken by god, they were heard by rishis

Me :
Me : ok....

She : ya it does seem funny

Me : now dnt get me into sumthing like god speaks to ppl

Me : he he he

Me : i can debate better on tht :P

She : it doesnt seem funny wen u read abt einstaein theory of reativity rite?

Me : coz this is sumthing i blive in..i mean i blive god doesnt speak to ppl and all tht temple ritual thing stuff

Me : oh c'mon dnt gimme this crap abt god coming and talking to ppl

She : who sed hez in temples

She : talkng doesnt mean literally coming and dictating, but it can happen too

Me : oh..he comes toppling frm the sky (heaven) and speaks to rishis?

She : well its not d sky dat he exists in
She : its in every1

Me : so..i say .."god is in me...and god told me multiple sex is right"

She : u known wat d whole purpose of our life is? ever botherd to know?
Me : wud u add it to ur veda list?

She : ohh shut up, it more than dat

Me : dnt tell me u started readin on karma and all also

Me : y not?

Me : god is in me also

Me : isnt it?

She : wen u realise d untimate..............u dnt need evrythng to b taught

Me : and he cud seak to me as much as he cud speak to those rishis
Me : jus dressing like tht wud make a diff?

She : ya, but u havnt realised him
Me : he he he

Me : sare

Me : got it

She : who sed its dressing dat matters

Me : <):)

She : u shud crave to be like dem

Me : its jus giving me giggles

She : ohk u'l let me tell u wat our purpose is?

Me : ok

Me : go on

She : it is
to become a brahmnana
She : its not a brahmin mind u

Me : does tht brahmama eat nonveg?

She : its not abt eatng or not

She : it makes no diff to him

Me : jus asking

She : cause he isnt after sensual pleasures

Me : life giv up kotteste brahmana avuthaara? (bas giv up marenge toh brahmana ban jayenge kya ? )

She : nope, who sed so?

Me : well..thr r mad ppl i knw like tht to whom sensual pleasures wudnt make a diff....r they also brahmanas?

She : ravali if ur really busy tryng to critice evrythng i say, u never get it

She : first let me complete it

Me : k

Me : i thought i cud argue in between

Me : :|

She : ur mad ppl dont hv a proper nervous system, my brahmana is very healthy :P

She : got it?

She : found d diff?

Me : not really

She : wassup?

She : got ur answer r still wanna argue?

Me : then the giv up thing is true right?

She : giving up wat?

Me : i mean life giv up kotteste brahmana

She : life giv up enti?

Me : hmmm...how do i explain tht now

Me : no aim in life kind of ppl

She : u mean becoming a sanyasi?

Me : jus life happens to them coz they r alive

She : :))

Me : not really

She : u think brahmanas have no aim?
Me : dnt tell me their aim is to meet god

Me : feel god
Me : :-&
She : they hv d hi
ghest aim, the aim for which we r created
She : ohk ravali so u think dis world is all abt having fun?

She : njoyng to d max?

Me : asking wht i personally think???

Me : :-/

She : yes

Me : well..to me
Me : it means more

Me : not jus fun

She : better

She : wat elz?

Me : to me its being in the limelight whrever i am

She : to love nd be loved

Me : in whichever field i am

Me : and loads of other crap

She : ohk

She : ohk it means jus dis succes rite?

Me : but not to attain slavation or ne other such things
Me : well ne more terms u got thr?

Me : apart frm success?

She : ya datz wat i say, being in d limelight is ur way of fun
Me : maybe...whtever

She : or happiness

Me : yeha yeah...like i said...all those crap

She : but do u think datz y god created us? jus for such simple things?
Me : i really dnt care u knw
She : yah datz d problem, no body ever cares to know d purpose

She : listen now dont interupt

Me : k
Me : :|
She : u dont know, u dont want to know...............do u ever remember reading a proper religious book with loads of interest wich speaks highly of having morals and values, and the way to live?
She : i never did
Me : i never did
Me : obvi
Me : i have no int with all tht
She : d point is we r never exposed to such stuff

Me : ok...now whr did we start and w
hr did we end :P
She : u dnt hv interst in knowing watz d rite thing to do? so u thin anythnig u feel is rite is corect?

She : we startd at brahmana

Me : things go my way...or no way :)

She : i know where i am
Me : no i meant multiple sex...and even b4 tht ..abt me..and we ended up with all this ani

She : ya datz it, its cz we think watever we know is rite, never botherd i know dat mam

She : il come to dat
Me : hmmm
She : to know how exactly things r suposed to be, ..................like wat is rite nd wat is not.............. She : se d prob is deep -rooted ravali, we dont have faith iin anythng..............
Me : :-??

She : wat i mean to say is first of all frm childhood we never were exposed to real stuff we need
She : so never had d interest to think abt gud, bad things jus went our way
She : but this isnt the way................our goals r small compard to our ultimate goal

She : and d ultimate goal of evry person is to become dis brahmana

She : ehem ehem, kuch samaj main aaya?

She : :(

Me : he he he

Me : tht isnt the point...the point is whether i agree with u or not :P

She : abt wat?

She : i forgot

She : :(
Me : abt all we have been arguing

She : multiple sex
Me : i told u...we started at jammu snd reached adaman
She : of course

Me : naa

She : wat im tryng to say all dis while is its not wat we think dat is rite, r wat majority ppl think is

She : there is somthng more

She : ya got it.............god speakng?

Me : wht matters to me in life is jus tht ...am i doing wht i feel i want to do....
She : adhega?

Me : gaadidha guddu (donkeys egg)

Me : edhole (whtever)

Me : y try rem the topic now
She : ohk, let it be rite r wrong ur not botherd?

She : jus do wat u want to?

Me : as long as i feel its right...and i knw i wont regret it...yeah it doesnt matter to me

Me : but i shud b sure i wont regret it

She : yeah datz d prob, each has his own definition of wats rite n wrong............and u wont know u'l regret it till u do

She : till u regret it

She : ohk we wer talkng abt god speaking rite?

Me : not really
She : il give u a scientific example

Me : multiple sex b4 tht

She : madam let me tell u ...............u sed ms is correct

She : i sed its wrong

She : i sed our religion says its wrong, u sed u dnt believe it

She : nd im tryng to explain abt its authenticity

She : got it? wer we r?

Me : i really dnt care now
Me : had a nice long argment...thts it :P

She : very funny

Me : dnt want to b proved right or wrong...
Me : jus proves once again....we differ in thoughts :)

She : but u gotta listen to 1 thing im sayng

Me : he he
Me : sare cheppu
She : ohk cz i statd wid brahmana il finish it

She : o
ur goal accordng to our religion, as pronounced by vedas is to become dat
She : brahmana

She : it means a perfect being

She : nd such a person realises himself to b d spirit i.2 the state wen he can feel god within himself

She : now done wid brahmana
She : il tell u an interestng example

Me : go on

She : its a book i read

Me : hmmm
She : its an experiment done in some university

She : some whwer in ny

She : i dt re
member who did it an all
She : but its real, not fake

Me : glass compartment?

Me : soul leaving ?

She : it is to prove dat man has televisional powers

She : nope not dat, we heard it in shcool

Me : hmm

She : im teling u dis to giv u an idea of hw god can communicate........

Me : go on

She : nd let me tel u thoughts r passes like vibrations, and like a radio if u can tune ur mind to d desired person, u can catch his thoughts

Me : telepathy :D

She : ya thank god

She : #:-s

She : so telepathy is it, nd it can me very very far

She : ok noe d example

She : a person was made to sit in a room in front of a big audience

She : he is separated frm another room by a wall, he has never b4 been to dat room
She : there r some things in dat room...........

Me : hmmm

She : the scientist applied pressure on some specific areas on d right side of the thorax of dis person

She : and he cud say wat things were preent in dat room

She : without ofcourse seeing

She : :)

She : enti no reaction?

She : :-/

Me : not a wonderful thing

Me : i mean not stunned or nething

She : ohh realy?

She : y so?

Me : emo

She : endhuku? teling watz on d other side of room widout seeing?

She : is it so natural?
Me : i dnt half blive it i guess

She : ya datz d prob

She : but its not some layman who did it

She : its a very famous professor frm a big university in new york

She : i have d source

She : and can tell u too.....................u hv to belive it

Aftr this was mostly more crap like b4 this....

Wanted to jus note it down here...becoz tht is one good argument i had aftr a long time...whr i didnt blive in wht i was arguing...but argued coz i didnt like the way the other person didnt want to accept tht the contrary to their argument cud also b right.....Again...and yet once again....i am just being a Lobbyist :)


gurveen said...

hmm..i dont think there is any same ultimate aim for everyone..i mean all of us tryin to become brahamama..dont think so..god wudnt create so many distractions den wud he?:D:D..
everyone has diff aspirations..achieving dose..nd livin while spreadin love nd nt hurtin much ppl..if u can live..tats gud life..:)
i dnt agree with multiple sex..but not because the vedas say its wrong or watever..juss coz i feel its something u shud share wid da person ull spend ur life wid..wid ur life partner or watever..but i dnt judge ne1 who thnks diff..
as for datin be4 marriage, frankly dnt see nythng wrng wid it..
nd as for dressin up..i mean look at how they depict the apsaras dancin for da gods in Tv serials..they expose quite a lot dont dey?:D:D:D
nd as for sensual pleasures..y da hell were they made if no1 was supposed to enjoi dem like den y did God make dem..even the gods we worship had gfs waise(krishna)..
neways..ur friend has a too righteous attitude in life..tho tat doesnt mean i agree with ms:D...i juss dnt agree wid her arguments much..
waise seems uv put in all efforts to antagonise her:D:D

$udhi said...

it took me whole 4 seconds to scroll down
(that includes your comment winni)
seriously abhi 40-50 cross nahi kiya hai ham logo ne jo itna sochna pade

waise baat toh yeh bhi kiya sochna mein harj hi kya hai
i mean, how can i say that we should not talk about this and that when i spend most of my free time thinking about them?

but anyways, kahne mein kya harj hai
take a chill pill
khub masti karo
aur raat ko sab chinta chhodke so jao

~$udhi :)

Ravali said...

i knw...actually i really didnt knw when she started bliving all this...maybe coz i never had spoken to her abt it
well neither do i blive in ms...coz i dont think its healthy either :P...but if sumone wants it...fine go ahead...its their choice