Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Outing :)

The last 3 days were pretty eventful :)
went out to Mainland China and had to wait for arnd 30 min owing to the weekend was walkin abt a lil and ended up goin into the optician shop beside it and ordered a new pair of colored lens :D this time its aqua...sumthing i once saw my Jr wearing and wanted to get for myself too :D
still gottu collect it though :P...and then went back to China (hehehe...wanted to call it jus china and see how it sounds :P ) and ordered a fruit punch (one of my fav mocktail drinks) and a taipei chicken whose name i always forget and end up asking them to suggest...and very obidiently they always suggest the same thing :D...i cant rem a time when i was in mainland and i didnt feel like "gosh !! they r so courteous"...they r extreeeeemmeeeeelyyyyyyy hospitable.....really nice people...jus for their hospitality we always end up givin a very large tip :) didnt try out ne cocktails this time coz i wanted a fruit punch and he ordered a pincolada as usual and i didnt have the mood for pineapple rum....jus had 2 starters (taipei chicken and crispy corn) and then done....we were full :( jus had desserts aftr tht lichi with icecreame(his choice) and 1 scoop of strawberry and 1 scoop of butterscotch for me :D
The second nite was at Utsav ...mostly coz vipin promised a trt first and then we dropped out coz bhavna had an exam >:P...but it turned out for my good :D coz i gottu get him like more chicken stuff....tried out achari chicken kebab.....fundooooooo tha...awesum....i normally dnt like kebabs coz they gimme a burnt feeling...but this one was too good...had 1/2 chicken manchow soup( i wanted vegbut he wanted chicken (weird) ) and then masala papad :D maincourse was equally good...hara masala (or sumthing like tht) chicken and butter chicken ,as a precaution incase the new tried one went bad , but turned out tht the new one was good..and butter chicken was sweet????? ewwwww...neways had 3 half pieces of nan....never ate so much frm a long time :D
Next daywas movie timeeeeee :D:D:D aftr a real good break of 1.5months...back to the multiplex for a popcorned movie... diehard 4.0 ...not a big fan of action movies ...but still went for the sake of goin out...cant really comment on the movie since all action movies r the same to me :D we got this sum stupid combo with popcorn sandwich burger and pepsi and in return we got free passes to water kingdom or essel world ....finally i guess i gettu go thr a silver plated sterling or whtever chain for my diamond pendent .....and tht was it for the day i guess
yesday nite was again supposed to have gone on vipin's trt but this time he had gonna go out on thursday hopefully...but still ordered acchari kebab and dal khichdi frm utsav :D to accompany a small amt of "water of life " :P
and here i am all up in the morn ...thanx to tht student of mine who didnt answer my call X-(

oh...almost forgot....went off to do a lil social service tht backfired :(...always wanted to teach those NGO kids (which i thought they were) in the campus...and went thr on monday to do the volunteer work....and turns out tht they r jus normal kids who go to school...maybe not exactly normal...they r those who cant afford tuitions and need remedial help coz they r bad at school...this is not wht i wanted...not tuitions for these kids....wanted to teach those who actually wanted to study but cudnt >:P i dunno wht i shud do now....cont or no....coz its not sumthing tht is giving me satisfaction...and upar se taking away my eve also...maybe i'll drop the idea for this time :(

movies lately

Jaane bhi do yaro
The pianist
Requeim for a Dream
Hot fuzz
Finding Neverland
The good, the bad and the ugly
Die Hard 4.0

dnt rem any more even if i have watched... :D
will write again later abt the reviews...already the entry is too long :P


gurveen said...

jaane bhi do yaaron is an awwwessoommee movie..isnt it?..i luv da draupadi scene:Dalways cracks me up..hehe
and im glad u tried da social service before me:D:D:P:P
and i hate u for makin me hungry wid all dat food talkX(X(:(:(i wanna eat chicken now:(:(

Ravali said...

i liked the exactsame part and actually kept rewinding to particular dialogues each time to listen to them again and again...fundooo tha....jus tht part though :)
and i am glad i made u jealous with the chicken...u deserve all this...coz u ditched me >:P >:P

gurveen said...


V A M S I said...

die hard 4 should be a pretty good one.
aqua the way to go not the latest but the coolest
teaching NRE kids for NGO kids
Goto a place where no one studies and start teaching bring out a tea serving boy from his daily routine.
and make him study

Ravali said...

good idea...but bad part is...i really dnt think i have this thing in me of goin arnd shops and trying to ask ppl who work thr to come and study....i dunno...thts jus not me....if sumone cud bring me sumone like this though i'd gladly teach