Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Back to Blogging...!!!

Well....was away due to many reasons....mainly coz i was travelling or away frm net access .....and coz of un-necessary publicity(never mind this part)

Was attending a function at my aunt's place....and it was a hell of a thing to attend...the whole ritual thingy.....ewwwwwww.....and to top it all....my MOM X-(...had to wear this traditional dress of andhra for gals called a "langa voni"...which i normally loooovvvvvvvveeeeeee to wear.....and becoz of all the gold she wanted me to get dressed in....it was a pain in the neck.....imagine a 20 yr old girl crying in the midst of abt atleast 100 relatives.... and i was literally crying...they must have taken me to b...i really dunno wht...but then i have my own point...i hate getting dressed with all tht clumsy jewellary....its sick...i hateeee ittttttttttt :((((((((( but finally with all my moms yelling i had to giv in :(((((((((((((((( and imagine this is goin to happen to me for the next ...i really dunno till when....coz all my cuz r ready for marriage....and the first one is this Aug.....and OMG....imagine then...... marriage is far worse than this dumb function :(((((((((( ....i wish i knew how to escape this gold torture :((((((((((((((((


leaving the torture aside.....

movies !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lemony Snickets and a Series of Unfortunate Events -cute

Six Days and Seven Nights - ok (cast away was a better version)

Thank You for Smoking - nice :)

One thing i learnt frm this movie..... To win an argument it isnt necessary to prove tht u r right...jus prove ur opponent wrong :)

framed in my own words :P nice one and i like it :)

again ...and yet once again...back to the same old topic...."Marriage"

My eldest cuz apparently told my parents tht he saw sum chick (or whtever) and liked her...asked them to talk to her parents abt the proposal....and aftr a lil enquiry abt her they gottu knw tht her father plays cards and throws away money...and her mom is...aaammmm.....characterless (to put it straight) and so match rejected.....RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!

I mean whts the fault of the girl (who apparently looks good and is working in a software company in banglore)...tht she was born to bad parents....my parents argue tht since she doenst have a proper backgrnd...she mite not turn out to b a good egg either....BULLSHIT !!
I knw hundreds who have a good background...but have a bad char....y balme this girl for wht her parents do...not necesary she wud b a bad egg isnt it???...their argument was tht see....when those hundreds itself have turned tht way though of good backgrnd....wht bharosa of this girl who has come frm a bad family....isnt it like taking a risk when u knw u r taking one......SILLY..!!!...more apt word ATROCIOUS!!!!!
but like most arguments....this jus ended in me getting hushed saying tht i dnt knw nething...or tht i aint supposed to talk abt all tht...or blah blah blah :-@

i guess i am gonna get a lil more philosophical in the next few blogs :P actually have a lot goin on in my head...so... :D

Deep Thoughts


Nithya said...

Nahin Roomie, I agree with your parents. If your cousin was passionately in love with this girl, he would anyway have asked her to marry him no matter what her background. If the relationship is only tepid anyway, it certainly is better to marry a girl with a good background. Say what you may, background really matters. Its where you get your entire character and morals from...

Nithya said...

Oh and I really liked Thank you for smoking too:) I watched it in the isti only... howcome we didn't watch it together?

Ravali said...

maybe i was out when u watched it :P

and yah abt the girl....isnt it more apt if they said no aftr trying to find out abt the girl also...i mean i aint asking them to get him married to her....but dnt judge her char jus coz of ther backgrnd...y not try finding more abt her instead of jus her parents....and moreover...i dnt think my bro wud have asked for her jus id he thought she was good looking or nething....he must have seen wht kind of a girl she was ....i mean she stayed in the hostel tht my aunt owns...so he must have known her a lil atleast :)

Suresh said...

U ask ur cousin to approach the gal and talk.. if he feels she is the right person.. He shudnt bother abt other things.. they are going to stay together.. not parents or some1 else..talk to ur cousin 1ce..

V A M S I said...

The storm is brewing the force of repulsion is growing. You are thinking rationally.
Family makes the character is the old saying, new saying
you are what you are there is nothing that anything can do.
Finally Please dont cry
Crying should make people feel fear.It should be a sign of strength not a sign of weakness