Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Anne Geddes :-******

Adored her and admired her ever since i knew of her....!!! An amazing photographer and i wud prefer saying more of a baby stylist than a photographer also...Hats off to her ideas....hats off to the initiation of such a thought....i came upon this website of hers maybe abt 7-8 yrs ago...and ever since it has always been one of my fav...and she has this remarkable thing in her pics.....which makes u giggle when u look at them....and go all awwwwwwwwwwww!!!!
I see a pic i knw its taken by her...she leaves her signature (invisibly visible) on every pic of hers
once again Kudos to this wonderful woman :)

This is her website --All those more normal (by this i mean those who rnt baby haters like my roomie :P ) go ahead and have a nice ride :)

I almost forgot...i have a poster in my room with babies (and i knw its one of her pics) on which i get whoever visits my room to sign on the baby they like :) i had a frnd(Sr) who did sumthing like this with a poster of puppies in his room...stole the idea frm thr :)
This pic i uploaded is the one i have in my room for the signing thing :)

I like the big fat one i.e third frm the right....
My roomie likes the 5th frm left...i.e. the baby with the flower decoration...not for the baby....but for the flowers =))
One of my friend signed on the baby hiding its face coz she thinks tht everyone of them is cute...and she says....who knws maybe the one hiding is cuter.....who knws whts she signed on it....

so...which is ur pick???


gurveen said...

abe y did u become private?i mean selective readin of da blog kyon?

V A M S I said...

First of all perfect display image.dont tell me its yours I mean the anklets.
Children are the best part of life. Their innocence makes us forget the best of bad and gives us to cherish the moments spending and watching them

apan log said...

oye ye blog ka style mere jaisa kar diya ka post bhi mere jaisa hai...cheatercock...>:P
waise very nice post:)...very well written:)

Nithya said...

Omg roomie! I'm looking at the Anne Geddes website again and today's pic is even weirder! That kid's head looks like a very hairy orange... freaky...

gurveen said...

@nithya:sumday wen u have babies of ur own..i wanna visit u and see wat u do to dem:D

Ravali said...

wht do u mean tera jaisa post?? u dnt write abt children :P

no they rnt my feet or anklets either (i aint so fair :P )

i told u....esp u....not to look at the site....u dared to do tht...not my fault :P

her kids??? woman have u just met her or wht???

$udhi said...

i cant get your blog updates on my reader anymore >:P
now i have to check your blog separately
and most of the time i am going to forget it :P

anyways, i have already signed my choice
why dont you take snap of that signed pic and post it here??

~$udhi :)

Ravali said...

well i was at home when i put tht poster up...i'll try to put it up aftr i go to my new room :)