Monday, June 11, 2007


One thing is for sure....tht nothing in this world is for sure....but doesnt tht contradict my first statement of being sure ?? tht means i am saying i am sure tht nothing is sure...which means i am not sure of nothing being sure which means thr cud b sumthing which is for sure....but then if tht sumthing which is for sure is this thing abt nothing being sure then there exists a cyclic funtion whr i am sure of sumthing tht proves my being sure as not sure :D

really realy arbit...cud b false also...who cares :P

Watching "A beautiful mind" has done this to me ;)


karthik said...

It "sure" was a great blog :P

Ravali said...

thanx :D

gurveen said...

"surely" you had watched d movie be4 ??

ravali said...

i didnt watch the movie b4 (dunno how i cud miss it) saw it yesday :)

$udhi said...

i am not sure if i surely want to say something about the logic being incorrect
i meant the propsition itself is not a logical sentence to decide its truthfulness
I am lying

~$udhi :)