Monday, June 18, 2007

The Old Man

Today...for the first time in my life....i felt really happy for a noble cause :)
I am hopefully thinking tht i had made an oldman happy ...which inturn is making me happy :)
I went out to get grub today and other stuff tht i wanted to pack for bbay....and whole driving i noticed a crippled man on a wheelboard and he was moving fwd by pushing with his hands coz looks like his legs were affected by polio or sumthing likewise......and he was moving along the sides of Ameerpet X Roads..which at this time of the nite is very dangerous even to cross or drive owing to the heavy traffic....thr was a bus in front of me and had stopped for hardly 5 sec due to the traffic.....and he kept asking ppl footboarding in the bus for soon as he saw tht the bus was moving fwd he kept moving along side the bus hoping ......but aftr he realized tht no one was ready to shell out any money , he turned to the other side and started asking the ppl walking on the footpath(rather the side of the road since thr is no footpath)
I dunno why...but this really moved me....more than nething did till date...not tht this is the first time i am seeing sumthing like this....but becoz maybe i felt guilty tht i was sprayign out money on useless stuff tht'd only b thrown away incase no one wishes to eat for a long time untill it starts smelling...and this man overhere was risking his life for sumthing tht cud fill his stomach for this nite.
I cudnt take it....desperately wanted to giv him sumthing ...but cudnt stop the bike since i had ppl honking behind me and i had to get petrol filled in the the fuel filled and bought a Kg of ripe mangoes (dunno y i picked mangoes...maybe coz i felt tht he deseved to eat sumthing good and sumthing tht i was sure he wudnt b able to taste...and also thr were loads of fruitsellers on the side selling particularly mangoes) and also decided to giv him sum money.....went back on the same road searching for him...cudnt find him...went up on the road luck :(
Turned back dejected and feeling a lil bad tht maybe i shud have tried stopping and giving him the money i paid for the mangoes and also the xtra cash i wanted to giv....cont my way to SR nagar to get Hyderabadi Biryani ~=P :D
And i was thinking wht i wud tell my mom abt the mangoes i had in hand since dad had bought abt 10 kgs jus this afty...and was passing a closed temple when i saw him....sitting beside the closed temple was this OLD MAN
Unable to move unlike tht guy...helpless....probably knew no one wud come to a closed temple on a sunday at 9:00 in the nite....but he didnt move...jus sat thr....asking the few ppl who passed him for alms...and then i knw wht i had to do with the mangoes :)
Wht if not a crippled...maybe an oldman who cudnt even move as much as tht guy .....not a bad alternative to enjoy the fruit-dinner :)
Stopped my bike 1 foot away frm whr he sat and handed over the packet with the fruit...guess he is not used to ppl driving stopping by to giv him sumthing in a packet :)) he didnt react to it...jus kept staring at me open-eyed....i got down frm my bike....gave him the fruit...he opened it and saw wht was thr in it while i was searching for the money i wanted to giv him...looked at me with wide though it was a mistake i made or sumthing :).....i gave him the money....he counted it...and looked back at me again...i had started my bike by this time...and jus looked at him and gave a smile...he looked back at me...and i still can feel the warmth in those eyes....i can see him even now and his faint smile which i thought i saw jus b4 i left
And I can definetly say...this day i am more happy than i was when i won the Freshman....than when i cleared JEE....those were jus achievements for me.....but this....i dunno wht i cud call it....but its a very happy feeling....makes me feel like i made sumone's day...though i dunno if the old man really thinks as much of wht i gave him.....but atleast i am happy thinking i made him happy.
And now i knw exactly whether i am sure of the social service thing i wanted to do sumtime in life or not...yes i am sure....a frnd had told me earlier abt donating Rs 3 / day to cry..and tht i cud meet in person the kid i was goin to b fundinng for ...was thinking abt doing it...but now ...i am sure abt it :)


vipin kumar said...

felt very very nice after reading ...i am not sure about you donating the money because that have a possibility, however small it might be, to go in wrong hands or be invested in wrong ways.

But the good thing is that you donated that fruits, i am sure after having a rough day he must have been feeling hungry and eating a mango on that hunger would have made him feel exalted and he must have giving his good wishes from his heart. Trust me i have done so and felt really great. :-)

Ravali said...

:) didnt want to giv the money fisrt....but then was thinking...wht if he wanted clothes or wanted to eat sumthing else...wht if he didnt like mangoes???

विकास कुमार said...

good good!
(I hope it doesnt increase your ego. :P)

jokes apart....I dont know what to say. :)

gurveen said...

hey gr8 reallyy..really gud job:):).. smiled wideeeellyyy after reading it:)

V A M S I said...

Good deeds brings you Pleasure that cannot be matched with any other thing. Any way congrats for the contributions and May god bless you with the power to do many more things like this

$udhi said...

happiness is spreading wildly!
you made that old man happy
you are happy
i am happy
others are happy
sab log happy :P
farts apart
thats soooooooo nice of you!

~$udhi :)

Ravali said...

thanx to all of u for the comments (compliments)....but thts making me fly high :P
i didnt do it so tht u'd praise me :P but now i feel like i am getting too much for wht i did :D
maybe jus like vikash said :D

Suresh said...

Thank you on behalf of old man. You started something good, hope u continue the same and inspire are the inspiration..definetly will do something good like this..

Nithya said...

I'm was really touched. Thank you for telling us about it. Really inspiring:)