Saturday, June 23, 2007

Nothing Much

well..thts whts happening with me in life now-a-days..... "Nothing Much"
wish thr was more happening...kinda getting a lil bored...but then well....feels like i have all the tmie in the world for a few things.... like lukkhagiri for instance :D
neways gone more purple shopping today :D
and goin for a frnd's daughter's b'day :) 1 yr old....i luv babies :) jus thnknig abt wht to get for her ...wonder wht ppl gave me on my 1st b'day...i jus knw abt those gifts in gold tht i received :( but i dnt fancy gold not of much use i guess :D
really arbit blogging i guess....but nothing to write except this thts y :D

Princess Diaries :
Watched this movie for the secnd/third time....nice one...not tht bad also....jus watched it coz a frnd was watching :D

GroundHog Day:
Amazing much and how differently can a person do things each day if the each day is the same day... :Di sumtimes wish it was the same day...but then...u cant even kill urself...and if a bad thing happens....tht same bad thing wud keep happening (if its sumthing like death of sumbody and unavoidable) sum way its good and sumway....badd....but well...the movie was good i shud say.....nice entertainer :)

started off with usual suspects but stopped it aftr 15 min....jus one of those movies tht goes above my head maybe....wil try and giv it a scnd shot...but i dnt hink its gonna appeal to me :D :(


V A M S I said...

missing your pictures since your images speak your mood more than your words.

trying to follow the below proverb
Try Try and you will suceed:D

Ravali said...

i jus didnt knw which mood i was jus left it blank...more to come up now since i am goin to b online mostly :)

Gandalf said...

you know, that's not me :P

Ravali said...

whts not u??? vamsi?? yeah i confused first...but now i knw..ur gandalf for sure :P

V A M S I said...


Nithya said...

Oye, where is the cheeni kum review?

gurveen said...

i liked da princess diaries a lot wen i watched it...its cuteeee...they made a bakwaas hindi tv -series on it also..tat suckeddd...