Monday, June 25, 2007

Mumbai experiences 10% of its Annual Rainfall in a single day

:) well...i dunno abt those less fortunate ppl who sufferred frm this downpour....but for me....i enjoyed myself with a chocolate and popcorn and not to forget movies and F.R.I.E.N.D.S(watching it for the 2nd time in a cont sequence , though done it infinite times in a haphazard way :D )....wht else do i want in life.....thts wht i call a SUNDAY :)

now thr is LAN at his place too....thts a relief...coz he can b online too now :)...thts jus too many smileys in a single post...but well...i guess thts wht i am right now...jus too pleased abt everything and nething arnd me i guess :)

gonna go home on this thursday for a family function to b happening at my native place (tenali)...dunno when i wud b coming i kinda feel...maybe i shud have let him take the data card :P so tht i cud take it along with my lappy whenever and whrever i want :D

movie updates.....

Just My Luck :

not bad...jus a fun movie to watch when u cant go out becoz of the rains :) was discussing abt whether i wud sacrifice the luck incase i had it :P well..i dunno if i wud do it or not is sumtimes tooooo nice to have all the luck tht u wudnt want to leave ur it behind (no matter whom u r giving it away to :P )

Run Lola Run :

I had already seen Butterfly i guess the movie didnt "awwwwwwwwhhhhhh" me.....but i heard tht butterfly effect was supposed to b a remake of this tht case then this movie is really good.....sumtimes i do like to think wht if i didnt do tht...or wht if this happened instead of wud have been so much diff if we got a chance to go back and make choices :D it wud have been a weird world with everything changing coz at every point more than half the world wud have been wanting to change wht happened earlier....but nice tryign to think tht way :D...overall nice movie...and simpler to understand than Butterfly Effect

heard today tht IITB dropped frm 1 to 4 in the last 3-4 years...i dunno which place it was in in the last yr...but i rem it was once on the top accrding to india today's ratings....jus dropping down with ppl like me getting into it i guess :P
but its still good tht it manages to get the least starting rank and closing rank for most branches :) htts a good sign...thts maybe also becoz of the past craze...and the kota factor :D

well...too happy like i said tht nothing seems to squash my mood :D

and tht's the picture for my mood today :)



Nithya said...

ummm.... wet?

Ravali said...

ahem...ahemmm :P

bugga said...

happy...and fresh

pagal said...

lookin gud and fresh as for ever