Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Movies & Popcorn

Nothing much lately except shopping for the function to come and boooks for munna etc

Watched sum really good movies..i'm really glad tht i didnt miss these

Hotel Rwanda:
Really one of those movies which moved me to make me feel guilty abt a few things...i dnt knw if it is a true story...still gottu verify the particular scene with all the dead people had given me a shiver....really one of its kind...though i had seen many movies on war tht r rated on imdb top 250 like No Man's Land...Full Metal Jacket etc i still place this higher than those two coz it moved me more than them ...if u havent watched it then u r missing sumthing for sure

A Beautiful Mind :

Another good movie....though i had seen a bollywood movie with the same kinda situation i think that one was no whr a match to this....beautifully brought out....and hats off to John Nash and his wife Alicia for having fought sumthing like tht in real life ...really was cursing myself for not having gone to the technoholics this yr coz thr was a live video conference with him...coz i wanted to knw more on his life....but winnie told me today on chat tht he hadnt spoken nething on his life but jus on mathematics and i guess i hadnt missed up a lil abt john nash and his autobiography.
hats off to tht man !!!

Babum Ve Oglum:

A really simple and sweet litlle story with family emotions...very nicely taken....its a sweet lil movie thts got a really good proportion of everything. Recommended if u havent watched....really cute movie

Mr. Bean's Holiday:

I didnt have the subtitles to this movie so first i downloaded the subtitles frm the net and was shocked to see a 3 KB file only...wondered whether i ahd dwnloaded the whole thing or no. But this is a movie completely based on the actions and facial expressions :) not a really gr8 thing or nething but appreciate it for how it cud convey wht exactly it wanted to jus thru expressions since the movie had to do with frech and russian languages mostly..and very lil english. Reminded me of Charlie Chaplin times :)

pretty much occupied with tht and was writing down other points for the 100 + things about me...will put them down sumtime when i have a decent number to put down :)

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