Thursday, June 07, 2007

Home (Sweet Home for a difference)

Well....came here today morn...things have been pretty fine for this time i shud say...thts maybe since i am trying not to giv a chance for it to go wrong....or maybe coz thr wasnt much time tht it cud go wrong...its jus the first day aftr all....and also the new house has changed things a lil bit i guess.....coz me not finding it the boring place nemore for a starter..and then with all the settling to do..and all the new things here and thr....its pretty much better than usual times....and then i ahve this whole room which feels like exclusive now though i did have one was more of a common place than a place for us its just for us....and then the usual purple walls :) and jus not tht now since the bathroom tiles r purple and the dining room is also has got all stuff matching for most things :D makes it much better since sumone else also wud b shopping "purple" jus not me ;)

and as for other stuff.....movies...thts one thing tht is always happening in life :D

Stranger than fiction:

pretty much fine i guess.....not a bad watch...actually a strange thing....and does make u giggle at places....the screenplay is awesum i shud say...the script...i cant really comment....but wonderful taking :)

the Weatherman:

how did this movie miss being on imdb top 250...its such a sweet movie...atleast rating toh acchi honi chahiye....its a movie aftr watching which tht i'd def say ..."wht a life".....bechaara...its like a proper depiction of how he is struggling to make his family come back he wants to b liked by his much he is trying to give his shattered marriage another chance....and its hilarious :)

Pirates of the Carribean 2 & 3:

I watched the second one on my lappy to make sure i understood wht was goin on in the third ;) and i wudnt b the first one or an odd one if i said " I love Captain Jack Sparrow" the movies were ok types...with all the fundoo graphics/animations and all...and yah...its def not a waste of time....nice entertainer :)

Shrek 2:

Not as good as the first one....but well...wanted to watch the finished with the second b4 tht though didnt manage to see the third....hope atleast thts better than 2nd..though heard its bad in some user comments :-ss

V for Vendetta: y do a few movies fail to satisfy my senses though they seem to have gathered a lot of appreciation frm others????wht was so god abt this movie tht it made it to the top 250?? and y didnt weatherman ???

just wanted to write the names of a few movies which i remembered a few days ago tht i mite forget tht i had watched :D

shattered glass
me you and evryone we know
donnie darko

will name others as and when i remember them

got a 250 GB external hard disk :d now tht makes my lappy a proper 80gb one .... he he he...and ya apart frm tht...nothing much i guess....jus gonna brush up with harry potter sumtime.....lost track of events i shud say ;)

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