Thursday, June 14, 2007


I was jus wondering today how often i change a group of friends and yet do maitain it with a few jus the way it was ...and yet others tend to grow apart....not sumthing i wish to do.....but jus happens with me.

My really close friends till now (jus the really close ones....if i say only frnds..the list goes on and on

School :
Srilakshmi ,Makara, Sreesha (till 7th)
Niharika , Makara , Sreesha , Dolly

still in good contact only with Neehe and Mak

Inter 1st and 2nd yr (Ramaiah) :
Jahnavi , Shruti , Dolly

in touch with non

Repeating (Mega) :
Sahithya , Venky , Harsha , Rishi (close)
Shaan , Tarun , Vipul , Deepak , Nitin (hanging out gang)

Sahithya is the only one in touch completely . occasionally talk to Venky,harsha,rishi
Rest only on chat sumtimes

IIT 1st Year :

Arti,Sahi,Navya,Winnie,Roomie (in hostel) obviously in touch with al even now

Sudhi , Soham (batchies) talk to sudhi occasionally...hardly with soham

Vikash - didnt talk for sumtime in jus occasionally
Awasthi - distance grew aftr he got a job and i told him abt "it"
Anshul - Ahem...still in touch :D obvious :P
Vipul - Stopped talking aftr Chaos
Vipin - Been in touch since he is his flatmate :D

New Friends:
Gaurang , Sappy, Simmy , Ankit , Golu

well looks like i do change frnds often though i dnt want to agree to it :|

P.S : Sorry if i missed out neone....but i really cant remember a few since i am on vacation and it has probably been 2 months or more since i last met u :D


$udhi said...

i used to feel the same way
even now
but then, it really doesnt matter
when you are alone, you are alone
when you go out partying you are in company

~$udhi :)

gurveen said...

mayb da length of da frndship doesnt matter..its juss da quality:)

Ravali said...

@ sudhi
try not to b alone and u'd see tht u actually dnt need to b...fnds rnt jus for partying....but also for not making u feel alone

@ gurveen
maybe :)

विकास कुमार said...

hey...we spend less time together now but I bliv ki the conversation rate in that time is much higher between us. Aur wasie bhi....i'm always available now. That day I called u on chat remmer? :D

our thinkings are so similar that we dont need much of conversation..isnt it nice???

waise...i'm anytime free for u babe!
and thanx for being with me.