Friday, June 01, 2007

The First Shower :)

Finalllyyyyy.....thr r here....yesday was the First Shower :) and also May 31st....thts one date i'll never forget...and it felt good tht it rained also on the same day...coz its not tht i cud enjoy this particular day with was like a compensation....i wish i cud b at the lakeside gettign wet like one of those days last year....i wish i was out on a beach or on a long drive....but well...its jus the start of a 4 month long season :) ....gottu shop for the rains now \:D/ !!!!!

Was supposed to have gone to Sheesha yesday but since we didnt find a single Autowaala who was ready to come to Kanjurmarg...we had to giv up on the plan...hope to go sumtime soon....wanted to desparately eat the Lemon and Chinken Sizzler...not tht i am a foul freak or sumthing....but this particular one is my fav apart frm the Ginger Chicken we get in hyd....def not the one in since i have started off writing abt my fav dishes....i think i'll continue with it sumtime though not now :)

Gottu go to Dadar today and also do loads of other washing clothes :(( i have to do it now since the rains cud spoil the clothes with all the fungus tht comes in :(( this is jus the one thing i hate abt bombay rains...the fungus >:P

I pity all those poor souls who cudnt enjoy the FIRST SHOWER OF MUMBAI this year :) >:)(esp for sumone) :P ;)

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