Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Eve :)

Its the much awaited day atlast.....finally....all the waiting has paid off :P
Tried my level best to make the stay better than the usual ones....and it did seem a lil better (to me atleast)

and now.....babk to bbay...back to the rains ...back to the insti...back to lukkhagiri.....back to bike rides....back to balloon.....back to a whole lot of things

jus searching for an apt pic for the mood :)

and found it :D

Looking Forward
Morning Bloom
Rising High
To reach the sky


V A M S I said...

I am the flower blossoming looking into the sky enjoying the colour that you have
in real words of life
I am the person who is looking into the world expecting to enjoy the different flavours that the world has

Ravali said...

egggggjjjjaaaaccctly wht i wanted the pic to convey :D

V A M S I said...

Waiting for those fun filled moments gives pleasure.

Screaming on the roads that destiny has given,
Igniting the passion to live the moment
Looking into the Eyes of the world from the wildest way possible

Living the dream that can never be completed but always can be fulfilled

विकास कुमार said...

आज फिर ये दिल खिला है
आज फिर जो तू मिला है
आज फिर मुस्कान बिखरी
आज फिर वही सिलसिला है।

आज फिर तेरे साथ हूँ मैं
आज फिर जुड़ गए वो धागे
आज फिर अरमा हैं महके
आज फिर जज्बात जागें

gurveen said...

hey..i immediately the of "aiming for the sky" and realised tat u had already written tat in d post:):)enjoi bbyyy..
nd if u can, plz take the keys from chinky for sumtime nd check my room..juss to see if the rains havent destroyed it in nyway...coz r window doesnt get locked:(