Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Do all posts need a title :-?

Just an old pic....but shows the fun we have at trts in Mochas :)

done nothing fruitful till now except tht yeah...went to Mochas today aftr a long long time ...really been a while since i have been thr....last tht i can remember is on valentine's day...and tht is very abnormal of a gen iitian to not b goin thr for so long...esp for sumone like me who eats out so often :P ...actually not been eating out much these particular reason...this way jus saving a lil more money i guess :D

The Illusionist :
For those general viewers who cant guess the suspense mite b a good one.....but aftr watching "the Prestige"...this is no match for tht...and the suspense is too cliche tht i guessed it on the first go....nothing fascinating...though most of the tricks used seemed to b tricks of the camera more than magician tricks..probably coz they dnt justify as to how tht cud b done by a magician...felt more like a wizardy thing....but neways...not a bad one....maybe rightly rated for its stuff :)

jus goin ahead with my paper correction probably a nite out :)


V A M S I said...

Memories recollected gives the moments that we have cherished and desire to live

Roobaroo Roshneee

Anonymous said...

You have an eclectic tase in movies! Keep writing...


Ravali said...


$udhi said...

yeh kya hai bhai?
closed group blogging?
kuch secrets share karne wale ho kya?

~$udhi ;)

V A M S I said...

Crazy was the world everyday , It seems to taken to have a holiday
The expressions are speechless the images are invisible and feels like the worlds in a standstill