Monday, June 11, 2007

The "Colourful" day

but jus tht it was mostly in purple :D

had fundoo homemade chicken today....and aftr tht went to charminar to a zaree work shop to giv mom sarees there....with gr8 difficulty finalized on the designs...and then the bargaining starts....imagine my mom got down the rates frm 3000 to 2200 for one saree, 2500 to 1800 for another.....and not to mention the rest....i can never bargain for more than a few tens or max 200 rupees...can never make it more than tht no matter wht the rate is :D

got back home and then we went off to this place called metro sumwhr in kukatpally whr its a really really really big outlet...and everything is got on wholesale prices....but jus tht in case of a particular few itmes u need to buy bulk.... and this is how my mom ended up with 12 soaps and 4 talcum powder bottles =)) i wonder when we r even goin to b using another brand soap at home =))

as for was restriction on wht i wanted to buy....nething i got i wud say...."wahaan zaroorat padti hai" ;)

got a purple umbrella,purple curtains for the room...tried for a purple bedsheet..didnt find one :( so got a contrast yellow one :D...loads of stationary...which includeslinc purple gel pens (whic i knw i wud never use :P )...a purple penstand....2 purple colored (spinz) deos ...well they came as a twin pack cudnt help it :D and waise i like the smell...+ the color attribution :D got new towels files....A4 Papers....loads of chips coke and frooti...and lays kurkure pringles...rusks(1 kg) didnt sell less than tht...not my fault :P face tissues (handy pack) i got 12 packets of these which hold 10 tissues each (well they didnt sell less than 12 :D ) got munna 6 new reebok and proline t-shirts....first picked up 4 but then had to rush in and pick the other two coz apparels min pieces 6 =)) wanted to buy floaters...but u had to buy min of three.....gosh...!!! who wud need 3 floaters???? purple door mats for my new bedroom at home :D and a purple bedsheet for the bed at home.... well..loads of other little sweet purple things...though i cant rem much now :D..was shopping for others things for the new house also....imagine dad convinced mom to buy a carton of 15 500ml appy fizz bottles jus coz he wanted to serve it to everyone who came home in the new wine classes tht he had got =))

came back aftr shopping for about 5 hrs.....and spending 17000 on the whole purchases....mostly coz we got stuff for the house and to double up..we got more than 2 of most of them ;) looks like mom doesnt need to go shopping for another 5 months atleast =))

as for me....the best part was tht i cud shop as much as i wanted....pick up nething i top it alll....i wasnt goin to pay :D neither wud i b having to restrict on buying sumthing else coz i cud see the accnt balance goin low since i paid with my(his) atm :D...well thts wht makes being here more colorful i guess :)

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