Saturday, June 09, 2007

All efforts in vain

well....wasnt of much use trying to avoid it frm 2 days when it did finally have to come today...the same old thing...the same old issue... "i dnt talk to her and i get up late....i am always in front of lappy...and blah blah blah..." (read prev post for more info on this)

trying not to bother much abt it....but cant avpid it totally also....becoz its not like i am doin it this time....i am putting all my efforts in not trying to do it....but then for 2 min i was online today and she had to brag abt it also...and she has to remove all her frustration of works on me?? and as if tht was not enuf...her frustration on dad also on me?? this is making me feel more like "keep away frm home"

i knw its not the right attitude...but well...when it feels tht way u sumtimes cant help. try talking and not complaining tht u rnt talking ....i guess thts wht i'd wish to say sumday

jus making me wish more tht i wasnt here at this moment....wish i was sumwhr else....wish i was thr whr i was more comfortable crying .....jus waiting to get back...and counting the days till i did

1 comment:

$udhi said...

somewhat same here
i really regret postponing my return ticket now...
how badly i want to go away from this place!
somehow i have lost the touch of it
hope to see you real soon then :D

~$udhi :)