Sunday, June 17, 2007

101 + things about me :)

Already wrote 100 things abt me earlier...this is jus a cont...
101. I like the smell of wet mud
102. I cant touch my nose with my tongue
103. I can roll my tongue in a freaky way
104. I forgot how to drive a four wheeler (now I knw... but fear tht i mite forget it soon)
105. I like guys who look manly
106. I knw little abt a lot of things
107. I dnt have any particular field of expertise on which i cud giv a lecture
108. There are very very very few people of the thousands i know personally who can call me by my name as it is supposed to be called
109. I am an extrovert
110. I no longer enjoy gult(telugu) movies like i used to
111. I prefer watching movies with subtitles but not sitcoms
112. I had 2 dogs till jus for 3 months and the other I have right now is 5 yrs old ( 8yrs old now) and both are called Naughty(Knotty)
113. I have received 3(4 now) pay cheques till now (jus got another one :D - gonna be paid regularly now , so gonna stop counting)
114. I have a purple soft toy-pappu (I have a purple Giraffe also)
115. Except 2 all the other soft toys i have, were gifted by the same person
116. I had a huge collection of key chains once
117. I like buying stationary even if i dnt use it
118. I like star gazing lying on my back in a green grass field
119. I lived in a farm/orchad most of my summers and a part of my childhood at my maternal grandparents place
120. My mom is a working woman
121. I always put off things till the last min
122. I still make a mess sumtimes with the gender "ka" "ki" "ta" ti" etc in hindi...can never clear tht mess in the head for sure
123. I like candle light dinners
124. I like walking under the moon on a beach
125. The only fruits tht i dnt like eating r apple and chikoo and papaya got used to watermelon...havent really eaten musk melon ever
126. I like arbit shopping
127. I can wax / thread my own legs though i dnt do
128. I once tried drying myself (clothes and hair :D) under the hand dryer at Mc D aftr getting wet in the rain :D
129. I dnt like KFC/garcia's/barista/smokin joes/papa john's (now i like KFC hot wings more than nething else)
130. I like pizza hut/dominos/Mc D/CCD/Mocha
131. I like ordering loads of stuff at the table and not having to finish them
132. I really wish i cud do sum social service...always wanted to ...but never did
133. I always dream tht sumthing i invent /discover/prove wud make me world famous(never likely to happen)
134. I dnt like physics..dnt mind maths...luv chemistry though most courses i do have 1% chemistry 11% maths and 88% physics
135. I wanna finally end up doin sumthing in mass communications/public relations/general administration etc etc
136. I wanna go on a world wide tour sumtime
137. I am scared of the dark (rarely)
138. I met with an accident more than 5 times ( 7 now)
139. I like being in the limelight
140. I dnt like dancing in public though i like it when i knw noone is watching me and its in a grp of close frnds with whom i am comfortable
141. I donated blood once
142. Till date i have lost 2 Pendrives, 3 Cellphones(5 now - new count is 8) and 1 Laptop..though i found the laptop and 1 cell phone again
143. I get a bunch of flowers (purple carnations + orchids) on the 7th of every month as an extended b'day gift (liliums now - its back to carnations + orchids)
144. I dont knw how to swim though i plan to learn sumday (learnt now :D)
145. I like Maaza/Frooti/Sprite/Marinda more than ne other drink
146. I like coconut water better though
147. I can cook
148. I like reading Crime Reports in newspapers or watch detective stuff (true stories) on TV
149. I wear 8 diamond stones on me at ne given time (7 in the pendant and 1 in the ring)
150. I prefer using the mouse to the touchpad
151. I met with an accident more than 7 times in the last 4 yrs....and if some person who told me my astrology is to b believed...i have a bad period goin on and becoz of which i am accident prone and shudnt drive 2 wheelers
152. I got my hair streaked
153. I like watching movies in theatres as soon as they release b4 readin reviews so tht i can be unbiased
154. Popcorn with movies is a must
155. I've recently realised I'm a shopaholic....and i'm proud of it :D
156. I enjoy listening to the radio and reading books while I travel on the local train
157. I like the Double Trouble and ChocoBomb flavours of MoD
158. I dont like having drinks on the rocks


vipin kumar said...

101+ ?? hmmm thats a tricky topic. But a nice one overall. came to know more about you

V A M S I said...

Interesting 140 features
Confirming a few guesses
Psychology shows maturity blended with childishness
Exuberation with control
Nice Controlled Human being

pagal said...

read each one of dem...
that was cool yaar!!!!

Suresh said...

It makes feel...most of things are common..wish u cud make it 1000+ things :-)

ravali said...

in the process :D

buggaman said...

achha hai...i already knew them...kuchh naya likho

ravali said...

akela tu thodi padh raha hai....baaki log bhi hai
tujhe pata hai toh kya??? sabko thodi pata hai :P

neeha said...

hmmm, there r so many things b/w us dat r similar yet we r so different[:)]

Ravali said...

maybe thts y we get along well even now :)

विकास कुमार said...

somehow I knew many things. :P

Praveen said...

very boring

Ravali said...

i dont remember ever asking u to read it...
so comments like these rnt welcome...u chose to read ahead eve aftr seeing the again... not my fault !!

P.S: sorry of tht was rude...but u forced me to be

Aman Priyadarshi said...

well..dunno hw i landed it..umm i dis link on fbk..thru a mutual frnd! d thing tht drag'd me here was d IITB tag on ur i'd lyk flwin this thing..btw..u knw urslf well! ..rare n gr8! :)

Ravali said...


Anonymous said...

hiee nice blog...!!!