Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Do all posts need a title :-?

Just an old pic....but shows the fun we have at trts in Mochas :)

done nothing fruitful till now except tht yeah...went to Mochas today aftr a long long time ...really been a while since i have been thr....last tht i can remember is on valentine's day...and tht is very abnormal of a gen iitian to not b goin thr for so long...esp for sumone like me who eats out so often :P ...actually not been eating out much these particular reason...this way jus saving a lil more money i guess :D

The Illusionist :
For those general viewers who cant guess the suspense mite b a good one.....but aftr watching "the Prestige"...this is no match for tht...and the suspense is too cliche tht i guessed it on the first go....nothing fascinating...though most of the tricks used seemed to b tricks of the camera more than magician tricks..probably coz they dnt justify as to how tht cud b done by a magician...felt more like a wizardy thing....but neways...not a bad one....maybe rightly rated for its stuff :)

jus goin ahead with my paper correction probably a nite out :)

Monday, June 25, 2007

Mumbai experiences 10% of its Annual Rainfall in a single day

:) well...i dunno abt those less fortunate ppl who sufferred frm this downpour....but for me....i enjoyed myself with a chocolate and popcorn and not to forget movies and F.R.I.E.N.D.S(watching it for the 2nd time in a cont sequence , though done it infinite times in a haphazard way :D )....wht else do i want in life.....thts wht i call a SUNDAY :)

now thr is LAN at his place too....thts a relief...coz he can b online too now :)...thts jus too many smileys in a single post...but well...i guess thts wht i am right now...jus too pleased abt everything and nething arnd me i guess :)

gonna go home on this thursday for a family function to b happening at my native place (tenali)...dunno when i wud b coming i kinda feel...maybe i shud have let him take the data card :P so tht i cud take it along with my lappy whenever and whrever i want :D

movie updates.....

Just My Luck :

not bad...jus a fun movie to watch when u cant go out becoz of the rains :) was discussing abt whether i wud sacrifice the luck incase i had it :P well..i dunno if i wud do it or not is sumtimes tooooo nice to have all the luck tht u wudnt want to leave ur it behind (no matter whom u r giving it away to :P )

Run Lola Run :

I had already seen Butterfly i guess the movie didnt "awwwwwwwwhhhhhh" me.....but i heard tht butterfly effect was supposed to b a remake of this tht case then this movie is really good.....sumtimes i do like to think wht if i didnt do tht...or wht if this happened instead of wud have been so much diff if we got a chance to go back and make choices :D it wud have been a weird world with everything changing coz at every point more than half the world wud have been wanting to change wht happened earlier....but nice tryign to think tht way :D...overall nice movie...and simpler to understand than Butterfly Effect

heard today tht IITB dropped frm 1 to 4 in the last 3-4 years...i dunno which place it was in in the last yr...but i rem it was once on the top accrding to india today's ratings....jus dropping down with ppl like me getting into it i guess :P
but its still good tht it manages to get the least starting rank and closing rank for most branches :) htts a good sign...thts maybe also becoz of the past craze...and the kota factor :D

well...too happy like i said tht nothing seems to squash my mood :D

and tht's the picture for my mood today :)


Saturday, June 23, 2007

Nothing Much

well..thts whts happening with me in life now-a-days..... "Nothing Much"
wish thr was more happening...kinda getting a lil bored...but then well....feels like i have all the tmie in the world for a few things.... like lukkhagiri for instance :D
neways gone more purple shopping today :D
and goin for a frnd's daughter's b'day :) 1 yr old....i luv babies :) jus thnknig abt wht to get for her ...wonder wht ppl gave me on my 1st b'day...i jus knw abt those gifts in gold tht i received :( but i dnt fancy gold not of much use i guess :D
really arbit blogging i guess....but nothing to write except this thts y :D

Princess Diaries :
Watched this movie for the secnd/third time....nice one...not tht bad also....jus watched it coz a frnd was watching :D

GroundHog Day:
Amazing much and how differently can a person do things each day if the each day is the same day... :Di sumtimes wish it was the same day...but then...u cant even kill urself...and if a bad thing happens....tht same bad thing wud keep happening (if its sumthing like death of sumbody and unavoidable) sum way its good and sumway....badd....but well...the movie was good i shud say.....nice entertainer :)

started off with usual suspects but stopped it aftr 15 min....jus one of those movies tht goes above my head maybe....wil try and giv it a scnd shot...but i dnt hink its gonna appeal to me :D :(

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Busy busy busy busy..........

Been busy since the day i've come back to bbay....With mostly the same thing...but atleast i was busy....
Thelast 3 days mostly went into getting details on an affordable..light weight...reliable Lappy...and finally got it upgraded....then installed the OS...and all the software...and blah blah blah....
Finally i can have my lappy all for myself :P

Movies....well seems like i aint goin to b watching ne in the theatres unless a really nice one comes up...coz "sumone" apparantly has becmoe choosy abt movies :O:O:O since i have my own popcorn machine...i can watch movies on my lappy.....and eat as much popcorn as i want :D

jus 2 till now though since i didnt have time

Dr. Strange Love

kinda weird...dunno wht to say.....but ok...chalta hai.....and i really enjoyed all the conversations between the american and russian president.... =))
didnt knw tht 3 char were done by the same person till sumone told me....good job i shud say in tht case :)


Though i kind guesssed a part of the suspense...i didnt want to blive it since i knew it was too gross and ewwwwwwww to blive....but welll thts wht the movie is...gross....with ants comign out of the body...cutting out tongues....chopping hands....eating live octopuses or whtever those r....and most horrid thing of all (dnt read ahead if u want to watch the movie).....a sexual relationship between a bro and sis.....and then a punishment to a guy who stars off a romour/fact at school which ends up in him having to sleep with his daughter aftr 15 yrs....not for the indian audience atleast

thts it for the movies and popcorn ...more def in the next few days since i can use my lappy at nite also now :D

got my salary cheque today...but bad since they paid me less than wht i am supposed to get :((((((((
called them back...hope they gimme back my hard earned...well deserved moneyyyyyy :(((((((((((

Monday, June 18, 2007

The Old Man

Today...for the first time in my life....i felt really happy for a noble cause :)
I am hopefully thinking tht i had made an oldman happy ...which inturn is making me happy :)
I went out to get grub today and other stuff tht i wanted to pack for bbay....and whole driving i noticed a crippled man on a wheelboard and he was moving fwd by pushing with his hands coz looks like his legs were affected by polio or sumthing likewise......and he was moving along the sides of Ameerpet X Roads..which at this time of the nite is very dangerous even to cross or drive owing to the heavy traffic....thr was a bus in front of me and had stopped for hardly 5 sec due to the traffic.....and he kept asking ppl footboarding in the bus for soon as he saw tht the bus was moving fwd he kept moving along side the bus hoping ......but aftr he realized tht no one was ready to shell out any money , he turned to the other side and started asking the ppl walking on the footpath(rather the side of the road since thr is no footpath)
I dunno why...but this really moved me....more than nething did till date...not tht this is the first time i am seeing sumthing like this....but becoz maybe i felt guilty tht i was sprayign out money on useless stuff tht'd only b thrown away incase no one wishes to eat for a long time untill it starts smelling...and this man overhere was risking his life for sumthing tht cud fill his stomach for this nite.
I cudnt take it....desperately wanted to giv him sumthing ...but cudnt stop the bike since i had ppl honking behind me and i had to get petrol filled in the the fuel filled and bought a Kg of ripe mangoes (dunno y i picked mangoes...maybe coz i felt tht he deseved to eat sumthing good and sumthing tht i was sure he wudnt b able to taste...and also thr were loads of fruitsellers on the side selling particularly mangoes) and also decided to giv him sum money.....went back on the same road searching for him...cudnt find him...went up on the road luck :(
Turned back dejected and feeling a lil bad tht maybe i shud have tried stopping and giving him the money i paid for the mangoes and also the xtra cash i wanted to giv....cont my way to SR nagar to get Hyderabadi Biryani ~=P :D
And i was thinking wht i wud tell my mom abt the mangoes i had in hand since dad had bought abt 10 kgs jus this afty...and was passing a closed temple when i saw him....sitting beside the closed temple was this OLD MAN
Unable to move unlike tht guy...helpless....probably knew no one wud come to a closed temple on a sunday at 9:00 in the nite....but he didnt move...jus sat thr....asking the few ppl who passed him for alms...and then i knw wht i had to do with the mangoes :)
Wht if not a crippled...maybe an oldman who cudnt even move as much as tht guy .....not a bad alternative to enjoy the fruit-dinner :)
Stopped my bike 1 foot away frm whr he sat and handed over the packet with the fruit...guess he is not used to ppl driving stopping by to giv him sumthing in a packet :)) he didnt react to it...jus kept staring at me open-eyed....i got down frm my bike....gave him the fruit...he opened it and saw wht was thr in it while i was searching for the money i wanted to giv him...looked at me with wide though it was a mistake i made or sumthing :).....i gave him the money....he counted it...and looked back at me again...i had started my bike by this time...and jus looked at him and gave a smile...he looked back at me...and i still can feel the warmth in those eyes....i can see him even now and his faint smile which i thought i saw jus b4 i left
And I can definetly say...this day i am more happy than i was when i won the Freshman....than when i cleared JEE....those were jus achievements for me.....but this....i dunno wht i cud call it....but its a very happy feeling....makes me feel like i made sumone's day...though i dunno if the old man really thinks as much of wht i gave him.....but atleast i am happy thinking i made him happy.
And now i knw exactly whether i am sure of the social service thing i wanted to do sumtime in life or not...yes i am sure....a frnd had told me earlier abt donating Rs 3 / day to cry..and tht i cud meet in person the kid i was goin to b fundinng for ...was thinking abt doing it...but now ...i am sure abt it :)

Sunday, June 17, 2007

101 + things about me :)

Already wrote 100 things abt me earlier...this is jus a cont...
101. I like the smell of wet mud
102. I cant touch my nose with my tongue
103. I can roll my tongue in a freaky way
104. I forgot how to drive a four wheeler (now I knw... but fear tht i mite forget it soon)
105. I like guys who look manly
106. I knw little abt a lot of things
107. I dnt have any particular field of expertise on which i cud giv a lecture
108. There are very very very few people of the thousands i know personally who can call me by my name as it is supposed to be called
109. I am an extrovert
110. I no longer enjoy gult(telugu) movies like i used to
111. I prefer watching movies with subtitles but not sitcoms
112. I had 2 dogs till jus for 3 months and the other I have right now is 5 yrs old ( 8yrs old now) and both are called Naughty(Knotty)
113. I have received 3(4 now) pay cheques till now (jus got another one :D - gonna be paid regularly now , so gonna stop counting)
114. I have a purple soft toy-pappu (I have a purple Giraffe also)
115. Except 2 all the other soft toys i have, were gifted by the same person
116. I had a huge collection of key chains once
117. I like buying stationary even if i dnt use it
118. I like star gazing lying on my back in a green grass field
119. I lived in a farm/orchad most of my summers and a part of my childhood at my maternal grandparents place
120. My mom is a working woman
121. I always put off things till the last min
122. I still make a mess sumtimes with the gender "ka" "ki" "ta" ti" etc in hindi...can never clear tht mess in the head for sure
123. I like candle light dinners
124. I like walking under the moon on a beach
125. The only fruits tht i dnt like eating r apple and chikoo and papaya got used to watermelon...havent really eaten musk melon ever
126. I like arbit shopping
127. I can wax / thread my own legs though i dnt do
128. I once tried drying myself (clothes and hair :D) under the hand dryer at Mc D aftr getting wet in the rain :D
129. I dnt like KFC/garcia's/barista/smokin joes/papa john's (now i like KFC hot wings more than nething else)
130. I like pizza hut/dominos/Mc D/CCD/Mocha
131. I like ordering loads of stuff at the table and not having to finish them
132. I really wish i cud do sum social service...always wanted to ...but never did
133. I always dream tht sumthing i invent /discover/prove wud make me world famous(never likely to happen)
134. I dnt like physics..dnt mind maths...luv chemistry though most courses i do have 1% chemistry 11% maths and 88% physics
135. I wanna finally end up doin sumthing in mass communications/public relations/general administration etc etc
136. I wanna go on a world wide tour sumtime
137. I am scared of the dark (rarely)
138. I met with an accident more than 5 times ( 7 now)
139. I like being in the limelight
140. I dnt like dancing in public though i like it when i knw noone is watching me and its in a grp of close frnds with whom i am comfortable
141. I donated blood once
142. Till date i have lost 2 Pendrives, 3 Cellphones(5 now - new count is 8) and 1 Laptop..though i found the laptop and 1 cell phone again
143. I get a bunch of flowers (purple carnations + orchids) on the 7th of every month as an extended b'day gift (liliums now - its back to carnations + orchids)
144. I dont knw how to swim though i plan to learn sumday (learnt now :D)
145. I like Maaza/Frooti/Sprite/Marinda more than ne other drink
146. I like coconut water better though
147. I can cook
148. I like reading Crime Reports in newspapers or watch detective stuff (true stories) on TV
149. I wear 8 diamond stones on me at ne given time (7 in the pendant and 1 in the ring)
150. I prefer using the mouse to the touchpad
151. I met with an accident more than 7 times in the last 4 yrs....and if some person who told me my astrology is to b believed...i have a bad period goin on and becoz of which i am accident prone and shudnt drive 2 wheelers
152. I got my hair streaked
153. I like watching movies in theatres as soon as they release b4 readin reviews so tht i can be unbiased
154. Popcorn with movies is a must
155. I've recently realised I'm a shopaholic....and i'm proud of it :D
156. I enjoy listening to the radio and reading books while I travel on the local train
157. I like the Double Trouble and ChocoBomb flavours of MoD
158. I dont like having drinks on the rocks

Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Eve :)

Its the much awaited day atlast.....finally....all the waiting has paid off :P
Tried my level best to make the stay better than the usual ones....and it did seem a lil better (to me atleast)

and now.....babk to bbay...back to the rains ...back to the insti...back to lukkhagiri.....back to bike rides....back to balloon.....back to a whole lot of things

jus searching for an apt pic for the mood :)

and found it :D

Looking Forward
Morning Bloom
Rising High
To reach the sky

Friday, June 15, 2007


Just coz i wanna cont wht i started.....

A new morning
Clear Sky
Colour Contrast

Thursday, June 14, 2007


I was jus wondering today how often i change a group of friends and yet do maitain it with a few jus the way it was ...and yet others tend to grow apart....not sumthing i wish to do.....but jus happens with me.

My really close friends till now (jus the really close ones....if i say only frnds..the list goes on and on

School :
Srilakshmi ,Makara, Sreesha (till 7th)
Niharika , Makara , Sreesha , Dolly

still in good contact only with Neehe and Mak

Inter 1st and 2nd yr (Ramaiah) :
Jahnavi , Shruti , Dolly

in touch with non

Repeating (Mega) :
Sahithya , Venky , Harsha , Rishi (close)
Shaan , Tarun , Vipul , Deepak , Nitin (hanging out gang)

Sahithya is the only one in touch completely . occasionally talk to Venky,harsha,rishi
Rest only on chat sumtimes

IIT 1st Year :

Arti,Sahi,Navya,Winnie,Roomie (in hostel) obviously in touch with al even now

Sudhi , Soham (batchies) talk to sudhi occasionally...hardly with soham

Vikash - didnt talk for sumtime in jus occasionally
Awasthi - distance grew aftr he got a job and i told him abt "it"
Anshul - Ahem...still in touch :D obvious :P
Vipul - Stopped talking aftr Chaos
Vipin - Been in touch since he is his flatmate :D

New Friends:
Gaurang , Sappy, Simmy , Ankit , Golu

well looks like i do change frnds often though i dnt want to agree to it :|

P.S : Sorry if i missed out neone....but i really cant remember a few since i am on vacation and it has probably been 2 months or more since i last met u :D


I wander'd lonely as a cloud

That floats on high o'er vales and hills,
When all at once I saw a crowd,
A host, of golden daffodils;
Beside the lake, beneath the trees,
Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.

Continuous as the stars that shine

And twinkle on the Milky Way,
They stretch'd in never-ending line
Along the margin of a bay:
Ten thousand saw I at a glance,
Tossing their heads in sprightly dance.

The waves beside them danced; but they

Out-did the sparkling waves in glee:
A poet could not but be gay,
In such a jocund company:
I gazed -- and gazed -- but little thought
What wealth the show to me had brought:

For oft, when on my couch I lie

In vacant or in pensive mood,
They flash upon that inward eye
Which is the bliss of solitude;
And then my heart with pleasure fills,
And dances with the daffodils.

By William Wordsworth

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Words Unspoken

Jus wanted to put up a pic to show my mood.....and then maybe i wud comment on it frm an outsider point of to wht i wud think if i saw tht pic...

P.S plz leave comments on wht u think was in my mind when i put up tht pic

Things tht came to my mind:

End of sumthing nice
Changed times
Wht lies beneath
Left untouched

well thts it for now i can think of i guess

Movies & Popcorn

Nothing much lately except shopping for the function to come and boooks for munna etc

Watched sum really good movies..i'm really glad tht i didnt miss these

Hotel Rwanda:
Really one of those movies which moved me to make me feel guilty abt a few things...i dnt knw if it is a true story...still gottu verify the particular scene with all the dead people had given me a shiver....really one of its kind...though i had seen many movies on war tht r rated on imdb top 250 like No Man's Land...Full Metal Jacket etc i still place this higher than those two coz it moved me more than them ...if u havent watched it then u r missing sumthing for sure

A Beautiful Mind :

Another good movie....though i had seen a bollywood movie with the same kinda situation i think that one was no whr a match to this....beautifully brought out....and hats off to John Nash and his wife Alicia for having fought sumthing like tht in real life ...really was cursing myself for not having gone to the technoholics this yr coz thr was a live video conference with him...coz i wanted to knw more on his life....but winnie told me today on chat tht he hadnt spoken nething on his life but jus on mathematics and i guess i hadnt missed up a lil abt john nash and his autobiography.
hats off to tht man !!!

Babum Ve Oglum:

A really simple and sweet litlle story with family emotions...very nicely taken....its a sweet lil movie thts got a really good proportion of everything. Recommended if u havent watched....really cute movie

Mr. Bean's Holiday:

I didnt have the subtitles to this movie so first i downloaded the subtitles frm the net and was shocked to see a 3 KB file only...wondered whether i ahd dwnloaded the whole thing or no. But this is a movie completely based on the actions and facial expressions :) not a really gr8 thing or nething but appreciate it for how it cud convey wht exactly it wanted to jus thru expressions since the movie had to do with frech and russian languages mostly..and very lil english. Reminded me of Charlie Chaplin times :)

pretty much occupied with tht and was writing down other points for the 100 + things about me...will put them down sumtime when i have a decent number to put down :)

Monday, June 11, 2007


One thing is for sure....tht nothing in this world is for sure....but doesnt tht contradict my first statement of being sure ?? tht means i am saying i am sure tht nothing is sure...which means i am not sure of nothing being sure which means thr cud b sumthing which is for sure....but then if tht sumthing which is for sure is this thing abt nothing being sure then there exists a cyclic funtion whr i am sure of sumthing tht proves my being sure as not sure :D

really realy arbit...cud b false also...who cares :P

Watching "A beautiful mind" has done this to me ;)

The "Colourful" day

but jus tht it was mostly in purple :D

had fundoo homemade chicken today....and aftr tht went to charminar to a zaree work shop to giv mom sarees there....with gr8 difficulty finalized on the designs...and then the bargaining starts....imagine my mom got down the rates frm 3000 to 2200 for one saree, 2500 to 1800 for another.....and not to mention the rest....i can never bargain for more than a few tens or max 200 rupees...can never make it more than tht no matter wht the rate is :D

got back home and then we went off to this place called metro sumwhr in kukatpally whr its a really really really big outlet...and everything is got on wholesale prices....but jus tht in case of a particular few itmes u need to buy bulk.... and this is how my mom ended up with 12 soaps and 4 talcum powder bottles =)) i wonder when we r even goin to b using another brand soap at home =))

as for was restriction on wht i wanted to buy....nething i got i wud say...."wahaan zaroorat padti hai" ;)

got a purple umbrella,purple curtains for the room...tried for a purple bedsheet..didnt find one :( so got a contrast yellow one :D...loads of stationary...which includeslinc purple gel pens (whic i knw i wud never use :P )...a purple penstand....2 purple colored (spinz) deos ...well they came as a twin pack cudnt help it :D and waise i like the smell...+ the color attribution :D got new towels files....A4 Papers....loads of chips coke and frooti...and lays kurkure pringles...rusks(1 kg) didnt sell less than tht...not my fault :P face tissues (handy pack) i got 12 packets of these which hold 10 tissues each (well they didnt sell less than 12 :D ) got munna 6 new reebok and proline t-shirts....first picked up 4 but then had to rush in and pick the other two coz apparels min pieces 6 =)) wanted to buy floaters...but u had to buy min of three.....gosh...!!! who wud need 3 floaters???? purple door mats for my new bedroom at home :D and a purple bedsheet for the bed at home.... well..loads of other little sweet purple things...though i cant rem much now :D..was shopping for others things for the new house also....imagine dad convinced mom to buy a carton of 15 500ml appy fizz bottles jus coz he wanted to serve it to everyone who came home in the new wine classes tht he had got =))

came back aftr shopping for about 5 hrs.....and spending 17000 on the whole purchases....mostly coz we got stuff for the house and to double up..we got more than 2 of most of them ;) looks like mom doesnt need to go shopping for another 5 months atleast =))

as for me....the best part was tht i cud shop as much as i wanted....pick up nething i top it alll....i wasnt goin to pay :D neither wud i b having to restrict on buying sumthing else coz i cud see the accnt balance goin low since i paid with my(his) atm :D...well thts wht makes being here more colorful i guess :)

Sunday, June 10, 2007


(thanx to karthik for the title :D )

finished with the trilogy..... jus one word "magnificient" tht shud jus describe it all....i can imagine the effort tht went into each part of the movie....each tiny detail tht they took care of....the wonderful sets....the wonderful graphoc work....its jus awesum......worth the credit i shud say...shud have listened to anshul long ago and watched the movie earlier itself.....i dnt knw abt the book....but definetly the movie is a masterpiece.....i am solely talking abt the making credit to the book since i do not mention the storyline ....jus a mind blowing one :)

and apart frm tht was also "snatch"ing also.....this is also a pretty decent movie.....loads of characters....but cud remember each in a peculiar way....felt like it got over pretty fast ...maybe becoz i watched it aftr the long lotr series.....but it was ok types nothing really wonderful abt it...except for brad pitt's body ;)

Saturday, June 09, 2007

All efforts in vain

well....wasnt of much use trying to avoid it frm 2 days when it did finally have to come today...the same old thing...the same old issue... "i dnt talk to her and i get up late....i am always in front of lappy...and blah blah blah..." (read prev post for more info on this)

trying not to bother much abt it....but cant avpid it totally also....becoz its not like i am doin it this time....i am putting all my efforts in not trying to do it....but then for 2 min i was online today and she had to brag abt it also...and she has to remove all her frustration of works on me?? and as if tht was not enuf...her frustration on dad also on me?? this is making me feel more like "keep away frm home"

i knw its not the right attitude...but well...when it feels tht way u sumtimes cant help. try talking and not complaining tht u rnt talking ....i guess thts wht i'd wish to say sumday

jus making me wish more tht i wasnt here at this moment....wish i was sumwhr else....wish i was thr whr i was more comfortable crying .....jus waiting to get back...and counting the days till i did

Friday, June 08, 2007

Day 2

I wish i wudnt count....becoz it wud make it more difficult.....but i think it hasnt yet dawned upon me still tht i wudnt b goin back for quite sumtime.... tht also cud b becoz i am busy either watching movies or doin sum work mom gives i already said....avoiding all possibilities of getting necked up upon....but morn....late waking had its dose....never mind...!!!

i am still to watch the third part of the LOTR trilogy...will post on the whole movie aftr having watched tht also tonite

I had called up once in the morn....cut the call.....called up again answer....didnt talk at all today :| kind of missing :|

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Home (Sweet Home for a difference)

Well....came here today morn...things have been pretty fine for this time i shud say...thts maybe since i am trying not to giv a chance for it to go wrong....or maybe coz thr wasnt much time tht it cud go wrong...its jus the first day aftr all....and also the new house has changed things a lil bit i guess.....coz me not finding it the boring place nemore for a starter..and then with all the settling to do..and all the new things here and thr....its pretty much better than usual times....and then i ahve this whole room which feels like exclusive now though i did have one was more of a common place than a place for us its just for us....and then the usual purple walls :) and jus not tht now since the bathroom tiles r purple and the dining room is also has got all stuff matching for most things :D makes it much better since sumone else also wud b shopping "purple" jus not me ;)

and as for other stuff.....movies...thts one thing tht is always happening in life :D

Stranger than fiction:

pretty much fine i guess.....not a bad watch...actually a strange thing....and does make u giggle at places....the screenplay is awesum i shud say...the script...i cant really comment....but wonderful taking :)

the Weatherman:

how did this movie miss being on imdb top 250...its such a sweet movie...atleast rating toh acchi honi chahiye....its a movie aftr watching which tht i'd def say ..."wht a life".....bechaara...its like a proper depiction of how he is struggling to make his family come back he wants to b liked by his much he is trying to give his shattered marriage another chance....and its hilarious :)

Pirates of the Carribean 2 & 3:

I watched the second one on my lappy to make sure i understood wht was goin on in the third ;) and i wudnt b the first one or an odd one if i said " I love Captain Jack Sparrow" the movies were ok types...with all the fundoo graphics/animations and all...and yah...its def not a waste of time....nice entertainer :)

Shrek 2:

Not as good as the first one....but well...wanted to watch the finished with the second b4 tht though didnt manage to see the third....hope atleast thts better than 2nd..though heard its bad in some user comments :-ss

V for Vendetta: y do a few movies fail to satisfy my senses though they seem to have gathered a lot of appreciation frm others????wht was so god abt this movie tht it made it to the top 250?? and y didnt weatherman ???

just wanted to write the names of a few movies which i remembered a few days ago tht i mite forget tht i had watched :D

shattered glass
me you and evryone we know
donnie darko

will name others as and when i remember them

got a 250 GB external hard disk :d now tht makes my lappy a proper 80gb one .... he he he...and ya apart frm tht...nothing much i guess....jus gonna brush up with harry potter sumtime.....lost track of events i shud say ;)

Friday, June 01, 2007

The First Shower :)

Finalllyyyyy.....thr r here....yesday was the First Shower :) and also May 31st....thts one date i'll never forget...and it felt good tht it rained also on the same day...coz its not tht i cud enjoy this particular day with was like a compensation....i wish i cud b at the lakeside gettign wet like one of those days last year....i wish i was out on a beach or on a long drive....but well...its jus the start of a 4 month long season :) ....gottu shop for the rains now \:D/ !!!!!

Was supposed to have gone to Sheesha yesday but since we didnt find a single Autowaala who was ready to come to Kanjurmarg...we had to giv up on the plan...hope to go sumtime soon....wanted to desparately eat the Lemon and Chinken Sizzler...not tht i am a foul freak or sumthing....but this particular one is my fav apart frm the Ginger Chicken we get in hyd....def not the one in since i have started off writing abt my fav dishes....i think i'll continue with it sumtime though not now :)

Gottu go to Dadar today and also do loads of other washing clothes :(( i have to do it now since the rains cud spoil the clothes with all the fungus tht comes in :(( this is jus the one thing i hate abt bombay rains...the fungus >:P

I pity all those poor souls who cudnt enjoy the FIRST SHOWER OF MUMBAI this year :) >:)(esp for sumone) :P ;)


i wish i kneew this better...well....for one thing then i gottu take my words back abt the director changing his watch thing (thanx to rutika) but seems odd tht i never noticed this fact (considering me being such a big movie freak) in any movie actually...i have actually never noticed tht (cant do it with a personal experience since i havent been thr) and how come this is the first movie tht has brought this to my notice???? well then this is probably the only good thing abt the movie :D...and i do knw a few ppl who probably didnt knw this fact either coz they agreed with me when i pointed out this :P i can see how writing blogs has been helping in increasing my knowledge :D

but even now dnt take me words back abt it being a pathetic movie >:P